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Running a lightning node is hard. Birkeland is creating automation solutions that makes it easy without sacrificing privacy, security, or self-custody.

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Welcome aboard!

Thank you! Glad to be here! 🙏

This is a DIY kind of place.

Maybe you're new to Bitcoin.

Umbrel's success showed us that plenty of non-technical people want to participate in the lightning network by running a node. If everyone is expected to learn every nuance of Bitcoin and the Lightning network, then expect mass adoption of self-custodial technology to never take place.

We want to lower the bar for lightning node adoption because right now it's simply too hard to Do-It-Yourself. Ask zero fee routing why he stopped running a node.

Yes, cypherpunks wrote code. But for Bitcoin to become a global inclusive financial system, we need to create software solutions that enable people to use it, not just keep it for the initiated technologists. Maybe you don't need this because you've already figured out all the nuances around running a node. Others who have not figured out those intricacies do need it though.

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