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"Hey, so how about that inflation huh? It's a doozy!"

"Hahaha, good one. But hey, what if things aren't getting more expensive, but the money is devaluing?"

"Well dad, what really IS money anyway, at the end of the day?"

"Bro. I had a thought. What if there was a money that..."

Repeat until orange pilled.

Sure, there's metric tons that could be said.

I think from my own observations, that part of the "divide" is just natural. There's people approaching ES from the angle of "I just heard about this place a year ago," and there are people for whom ES is memories, faces, streets, events. BTC is nowhere near the sum all of what makes ES the nation it is, but "Bitcoiners" as a self-made tribe are putting a lot of their own hope and stock in ES's success. Which is fine, because so do Salvadorans, but not in the same way.

To them, the "optics" of ES before the international community is very important because it directly affects the future of BTC adoption elsewhere — ES becomes a "prototype." That's valid in some senses, but not in others, and it causes misunderstandings that should (and can) get ironed out.

I think also when Americans/Europeans hear El Salvador has a "gang problem" they think "Like Chicago" or "Like Los Angeles." For a Salvadoran, that's not what it is — it's more like what Americans/Europeans think of when they hear "ISIS" and "Mexican Drug Cartels."

Obviously a lot more could be said about this. SN is a good platform to discuss.

Tired and pensative.

On the plus side, i'm starting a road trip tomorrow, so "pensative" sets the right vibe. Not so sure about "tired" though.

haha, I just noticed this when I came to post in this thread. I think we already resolved this in the other thread, but good job being vigilant even if this one was a false alarm.

I actually went over & made a Reddit account just to invite that guy over here. He's too "based" to write on Reddit.

All this ^^^ is right.

I would just add most people in ES only learned what Bitcoin is a year ago, and most of them have yet to really learn what Bitcoin is — if you take my meaning. And with the bear market it's easy to assume (just like non-Salvadorans did in past bear markets) that it won't rise again.

But it is used in all places mentioned. I think I mentioned in that thread, there's a lack of Spanish-language BTC content, and that doesn't help.

lol no. Coincidence — or possibly he's seeing the same issue I'm seeing & made his own post to address it. I can't imagine I'm the only Salvadoran person annoyed by the narrative.

He's using the wrong platform though. Imagine writing on Reddit. I think I'll send him a message.

If you want to know the 'real real' situation in ES, there's plenty of us online to talk to, or you can visit!

Yes, my uncle knows him. ES is a small world.

The irony of this is that some influencers in the BTC space are dubiously accusing the current president of suppressing dissent and criticism just like Castellanos's, as if he's threatening El Salvador's "oh so thriving liberal democracy." It seems to me they're either ignorant through incompetence or malice.

At this point if the WEF really wants to wage psychological warfare on us, they can just start listing a bunch of our projects on their websites and pretending they like us. It would freak out the entire Bitcoin space.

Shit I shouldn't give them ideas

Maybe I should, huh? It's funny how a 'vent' turns into a long-form post and then can turn into a full article. I do agree this subject 100% merits it.

Noo, we're not supposed to tell the MSM we've got guys on the inside!

When I was a kid during the war we'd go to a hotel swimming pool, and there was a nice guy there with perfect American English who gave us swimming lessons. My grandmother later saw him on TV, all suited up and standing in the background of some diplomats doing whatever they were doing.

I can't say "he was CIA" lol but my grandmother sure thought so. That hotel ended up getting bombed, by the way.

Either way, there's no question they've always had an interest and presence in ES. It's just a little creepy.

I know people who use Chivo without problems, and even praise it, and I know people who say they've been "Hackeado" using Chivo. Of course, I also know people who say they were hacked but actually just fucked up using it.

Since I don't trust it and recommend other (open-source) solutions, even to people who use Chivo and like it, I can't really comment much. Intuitively I would suspect a lot of the problem is user error, which is itself a big problem. I know of people sending to the wrong address, and I know of people who just "clicked on a survey link and my money was gone."

It's also entirely possible there are vulnerabilites in the code. It's not like Salvadorans are known for their coding genius.

This to me is the equivalent of stupid things like the various wallet experiments Bitcoiners tried 10 years ago that led to hacker field days. When you get down to the actual work of adoption, this is the sort of problem that needs to get worked through.

I was born toxic, no worries

Add Google and Amazon to the Narc list.

Oh wait, they were already there...

For example, Napolsky’s personal mail.ru address was used to register zlibdoms@gmail.com, Napolsky7@gmail.com, and feedback.bookos@gmail.com. His personal phone number was also linked to Z-Library email addresses.

Now that's some Grade A opsec right there.

Oh that's actually a great point. Thank you!



  1. One who only holds Bitcoin.
  2. One who strongly suspects altcoins are a psyop to take your Bitcoin.
  3. One who has spent 10,000+ hours studying cryptocurrency.

When you get money, you put it in your pocket right? You should have enough on SN for impulse tipping, but once you start getting up high enough, to the wallet it goes.

That almost sounds like it would fix the entire music industry

That's weird — I was just thinking why no one has applied Fountain's model to music.

Nice song!