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Indranet is the privacy layer for the peer to peer internet, that uses Lightning Network payments to compensate relay operators and as a spam limiter.

It's for stopping the use of network traffic routing data as a means to physically locate the origins of new messages.

It protects Bitcoin and Lightning Network users by hiding the location of the secret keys and creating opaque blocks against identifying the path of a LN payment.

It prevents criminal and authoritarian (ah but I repeat myself) organisations from physically locating journalists and activists who have found and are propagating evidence of wrongdoing.

It is not designed to replace Tor in that you won't use this to browse the regular Web.

It is intended to be used primarily with decentralised protocols like Bittorrent, IPFS, Nostr, and so on. It will also be possible to use it to access your own servers without revealing where you are connecting from, or even to create your own handy custom VPN path in or out of a hostile network

I like to say that this is the natural next evolution of internet routing: in the last 20 years we finally got full strength encryption to become normalised, in the next 20 years full strength anonymity is going to become normalised.

The internet is a hostile place. The less ways we leave traces the more we are protected from bad actors.


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