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What do people think about a Bitcoin Lightning tip bot for social media and blogs?

For example, Read.cash is a microblogging website and Noise.cash is a social media website (similar to Twitter), but sadly these only support BCH.

Twitter only supports KYC'ed tips, which excludes people without ID & people who need pseudonymity. Write.as micropayments via Coil also require KYC (due to dependency on Uphold/Gatehub).

A KYC-free Bitcoin Lightning tip bot for Mastodon would be good. Not sure if any ActivityPub blogging websites exist yet (Mastodon posts are max 500 characters, Pleroma is max 5000 characters, so not suitable for blogging).

Already posted my comment in support of cryptocurrency donations.

Unlike banking, credit cards and Paypal, cryptocurrency is private, financially inclusive and allows pseudonymity. No government ID, full name or home address is required.

There are important privacy, safety and financial inclusion use cases for KYC-free donations. For many people, crypto is the only possible way to donate. It's sad that humanitarian/non-profit organizations like Wikipedia and Mozilla don't seem to understand this.

How to comment:

Create a Wikipedia account (blocks Tor, so you may need to use Tor -> VPN in Whonix), then click "Edit" in the header, scroll down to "Voting" and enter your comment using this template (all on one line):

* {{oppose}} Write your comment here... [[User:Your_Username|Your_Username]] ([[User talk:Your_Username|talk]]) hh:ss, 12 January 2022 (UTC)

Many Matrix rooms have daily activity. It's also better than Discord or Telegram, since it doesn't require a phone number (many countries require KYC for sim cards, but SMSPVA.com and TextVerified.com sell anonymous SMS verifications for Bitcoin), doesn't require a physical smartphone for signup (although it's possible to bypass this with Anbox emulator), supports web, mobile and desktop (including Tor Browser), you can create encrypted group chats, and you can join your preferred server or host your own (censorship-resistant and no reliance on a corporation).

Another good Bitcoin group: https://matrix.to/#/#Bitcoin:usethe.tools

Monero: https://matrix.to/#/#monero:monero.social https://matrix.to/#/#monero-punks:libera.chat

Privacy: https://matrix.to/#/#optout:monero.social https://matrix.to/#/#anonymity:matrix.org

Agorism: https://matrix.to/#/#cryptoagorism:halogen.city

Crypto Marketplace: https://matrix.to/#/#cryptomarketplace:matrix.org

Also try Schildi.chat. Its UI is easier to read than stock Element (chatboxes instead of paragraphs, message previews in the sidebar, organize your chats).

Also offer cash by mail, cash in person or gold/silver as payment options. Venmo, Cashapp, SEPA, etc. require an existing KYC'ed bank account, which still excludes people without government ID, while cash trades are accessible for everyone. You can also use the same group for a KYC-free Bitcoin circular economy, e.g. sell old electronics, apartment rentals, taxi/rideshare services, jobs/tasks or share local businesses that accept Bitcoin.

Interesting. Would be nice if this could be integrated into a peer-to-peer marketplace (e.g. a Bitcoin Lightning clone of Ebay).

Already commented in Twitter:

"Millions of people can't get a bank account, credit card or Paypal due to KYC (while the state refuses to print ID for them). It's also impossible to donate pseudonymously via credit card, which causes safety concerns. For many people, crypto is the only possible way to donate."

Firefox claims to support privacy (and Tor Browser is based on Firefox), but there is zero privacy, accessibility or financial inclusion with KYC'ed fiat payment methods.

A marketplace feature sounds great & could grow a KYC-free Bitcoin circular economy for digital products.

It's intended for merchants that don't accept Bitcoin yet. Sadly I can't find Bitcoin-friendly stores for everything yet (plus some things I can't find in local stores for cash). I can't get a regular bank account or credit card due to KYC, so PayWithMoon could help a lot, since it's KYC-free.