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Made a simple "introduction to Bitcoin" webpage, based on my Monero webpage: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/bitcoin As with my other mini webpages, it's public domain and open source, so feel free to share, edit, translate or fork it.

+100 sats. Bitcoin means separation of money and state. Use KYC-free exchanges (no government ID or bank account) and the state won't know that you own Bitcoin. Voluntary charity (e.g. donations to hospitals, schools, shelters, food banks, churches or other organizations) is much better and more efficient than taxation (and avoids financing an increasingly authoritarian and corrupt state).

+100 sats. Thanks for including Microlancer. Not only is it a vital KYC-free alternative to Upwork/Fiverr, but it also helps to grow Bitcoin circular economies and onboard people to Bitcoin by earning sats.

I have a list of Bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplaces (similar to Craigslist) here: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/markets/ including BitcoinP2PMarketplace (an active Telegram group with 1000+ users) and my project Bitejo.com (buy/sell products, jobs, fundraisers and exchanges for Bitcoin).

+1000 sats. It's important to have a place to pickup mail, especially if you can't receive mail at your home or work address and if general delivery/PO boxes require government ID. A mail forwarding service can provide privacy, but if you don't have a place to physically receive the mail (last-mile), it can't help.

A network of KYC-free PO boxes, package pickup stores or parcel lockers could solve this: https://anarkiocrypto.medium.com/second-realm-ideas-caebc787d791 As you describe, the business would advertise their services as a PO box location and set a fee, the customer would send the package to this address (with a pseudonym or include their email/phone number in the address) and the business would hand over the package on confirmation of the pseudonym or a PIN sent by email/SMS + payment of the fee.

In some countries, there are already KYC-free PO box services that only require a phone number, no government ID. Similar to DHL lockers or UPS Stores. But these are restricted to specific couriers and may only accept national packages (no letters or international mail).

A taxi service could help, but you would still need to address the package somewhere. If it's general delivery, the post office may require government ID that corresponds to the name on the package. Unless you talk with the taxi driver in advance and they provide the shipping address?

Personally I think Bitcoin and Monero can co-exist without problems. There are strong use cases for both. I have some info about Monero here: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/monero/

Monero's main advantage is on-chain privacy by default (automatically hides addresses, amounts and TX history for all transactions, just click the "Send" button). Low fees (less than 1 cent) and 2 minute blocktimes (and relatively safe 0-conf) enable fast in-person transactions without a need for Layer 2. This benefits circular economies, such as a Monero-friendly taxi, convenience store or cafe. CPU mining makes mining more accessible and decentralized, and the tail emission (activated this year, included in the original 2014 code) means that miners will always have a block reward incentive, while keeping inflation under 1%/year.

I looked at ETH smart contracts around 2017 but didn't do anything since then. Smart contracts seem useful and many people like them. Dark.fi looks like a good, privacy-friendly and agorist smart contract platform (but not launched yet). I saw these two platforms for Bitcoin-based smart contracts: https://www.rsk.co/ and https://www.stacks.co/ but didn't try them yet.

+1000 sats. Tor needs many diverse nodes, so an extra relay node could help a lot (as long as it's safe for you).

I wrote about a Tor node funding idea here: https://anarkiocrypto.medium.com/second-realm-ideas-caebc787d791 but didn't make any proof-of-concept yet.

Working on this Bitcoin marketplace for products, jobs, fundraisers and exchanges: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5334549.0

Also made some Bitcoin infographics and brochure: https://anarkiocrypto.imgbb.com/ and https://twitter.com/linkinparkrulz_/status/1543348394181148672

And some articles about how to acquire, earn and spend KYC-free Bitcoin and build circular economies: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/kyc-free-bitcoin-circular-economies and https://anarkiocrypto.medium.com/how-to-buy-earn-and-spend-kyc-free-bitcoin-and-monero-without-id-or-a-bank-account-496ff20986ff (Also related: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/agorism/)

Personally I work for Bitcoin as a remote web dev since 2016, but still need to exchange it to cash via KYC-free Bitcoin ATMs or cash in person trades, in order to pay for food and rent. Whenever it's possible to pay in Bitcoin, I do it (phone refills, VPS, KYC-free Visa gift cards, Bitcoin-friendly merchants). It would be great to find a local convenience store that accepts Bitcoin...

I use Bitcoin for its merchant acceptance, wide ecosystem and more KYC-free on-ramps. Monero for on-chain privacy (it also has <$0.01 fees, 2 minute blocktimes, relatively safe 0-conf, and CPU mining). Some more info about Monero: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/monero/

Both Bitcoin and Monero have nice cypherpunk communities who care about KYC-free adoption and real life use cases, instead of only speculation and gatekept regulated services (e.g. Strike, Coinbase, Bitpay).

I don't personally use ETH but smart contracts in general seem useful. https://dark.fi is interesting.

A Bitcoin standard for me is when it would be possible to earn money, pay rent, buy food, access healthcare, etc. with Bitcoin and 100% KYC-free (unlike Strike, Bitpay, Paxful, etc. which are just as inaccessible as the banking system). I wrote more info about this here: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/kyc-free-bitcoin-circular-economies and this is related: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/agorism/

Currently I earn Bitcoin from remote web dev work, but I need to exchange it to cash (via cash in person or KYC-free Bitcoin ATMs) in order to pay rent and buy food (sadly no grocery gift cards or KYC-free physical Visa gift cards, where I live).

IMO, 1 free post would be nice. (I don't know if "Login with Lightning" requires a full node. If it also works with lite wallets such as Blue Wallet, you could require it to get the 1 free post credit. Spammers probably won't spend time to create a new wallet for every link.)

x sats may be a symbolic amount (less than $0.01), but depending on circumstances, it may be difficult for people to acquire their first sats, so a free post (and the opportunity to earn some tips from it) could help to onboard people to Bitcoin and Stacker News, without barriers.

(In some places, it may be easy to buy a $10 Amazon gift card from a local store and sell it on Robosats, or use an Azteco vendor or KYC-free Bitcoin ATM, but many countries don't have these options and it can be difficult to find a local cash by mail/cash in person seller for low amounts.)

Saw this line in the newsletter:

Job board is pretty sparse. For as little as $10/mo, post a job and reach the 60k bitcoiners browsing SN.

I think a ~business sub could also be useful as income for Stacker News and a place for people to advertise their Bitcoin-friendly businesses, online stores, websites or projects.

Currently you can post a link to your business or project, but it would be in the top posts for 1-2 days, then disappear.

A paid business ad could display for x days in the ~business sub. As it would be text-only (no banners) in a specialized sub, and focus on Bitcoin-friendly businesses, it wouldn't be spammy.

(This is a different idea than ~classifieds, which would host peer-to-peer product sales, instead of a business directory.)

+100 sats. Working for Bitcoin (either full time or as a side income) is a great way to build circular economies. A 5%-10% discount is a good incentive.

Microlancer.io and FreelanceForCoins.com are great KYC-free freelance websites. You can also find jobs in BitcoinP2PMarketplace.com, and Bitejo.com has a jobs category. Sadly Bitwage requires government ID, but Zaprite.com is KYC-free. Here is a simple "Why use Bitcoin" brochure that you can share with customers and small businesses: https://twitter.com/linkinparkrulz_/status/1543348394181148672

You can also sell products for Bitcoin. Here is an overview of Bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplaces (similar to Craigslist): https://anarkio.codeberg.page/markets/ If you have an online store or brick-and-mortar store, BTCPayServer is a good option: https://docs.btcpayserver.org/Apps/#point-of-sale-app

Perfect. :) Shared in Twitter and Matrix.

Looks great. :) Earning fees could incentivize people to host a Bitcoin-friendly Craigslist alternative for their city, hobby or profession. Customer reviews is a good addition. Is escrow included?

Do sellers and customers only need a Lightning wallet (e.g. Blue Wallet) and Tor Browser (only the operator must run a node)?

Nice, happy to see another Bitcoin marketplace. Are there any screenshots or links to existing Squeak Road marketplaces? (I don't have a node.)

You could work remotely for Bitcoin with Microlancer.io or sell things you don't need anymore (electronics, furniture, tools, etc.) in BitcoinP2PMarketplace.com or Bitejo.com. Some people buy second hand Pixel phones or Thinkpad laptops, flash them with Calyx/Graphene or Linux, and sell them for Bitcoin as privacy phones/laptops. Or you could start a blog (or write guest posts for an existing blog) and include a Bitcoin donation address.

That would be great. :) Especially if it can bring older posts (weeks - months old) back to the "top posts" page.

+100 sats. Only KYC-free exchanges fix the problems caused by KYC. Monero doesn't remove the exchange's exclusionary government ID requirements (which shut out millions of people without ID) nor delete the permanent purchase records (with full name, photo, home address, ID scan and purchase amount) that are disclosed to the state and corporations & leaked and sold in DNMs. More info here: https://anarkiocrypto.medium.com/how-to-buy-earn-and-spend-kyc-free-bitcoin-and-monero-without-id-or-a-bank-account-496ff20986ff

Would it be possible to boost other people's posts? E.g. You want to post a link to a useful Bitcoin website, and see that someone already posted it December 1 2021 but only received 2 comments. You want more people to know about this website (but don't want to make a duplicate post), so you boost this post with 100 sats and it appears in "top posts" again. Or is this already included in the algorithm?