As one of the key hires for Foundation’s multidisciplinary software engineering team, you will collaborate with our Engineering and Design teams to develop best-in-class sovereignty experiences for the next-generation Passport and other future sovereign computing products.

Your initial responsibilities include developing new frameworks and features for Foundation’s next-generation Passport hardware wallet in Rust. The UI frameworks, system frameworks, application frameworks, and applications that you will develop will empower users to reclaim their sovereignty.

All your contributions will be open-source, and you will most likely contribute to other existing open source projects as part of your work.

Select Responsibilities

  • Develop new frameworks, features, and applications for Passport in Rust
  • Make use of embedded system services including:
    • File system
    • Flash memory
    • Camera
    • QR scanning
  • Implement Bitcoin wallet features for the next-generation Passport
    • Securely manage private keys
    • Import multisig configurations
    • Perform secure backups and restores
    • Sign Bitcoin transactions
    • Pair with a range of third-party software wallets
    • Implement new BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals)
  • Implement new Bitcoin and sovereignty features for Passport
  • Investigate and resolve bugs
  • Follow Foundation’s software development processes
  • Document code
  • Implement unit tests for all code (test-driven development)


  • 5+ years of software engineering experience
  • 2+ years of experience developing in Rust
  • Experience writing code for Bitcoin or Bitcoin wallets is a major plus
  • Enthusiasm for Bitcoin and empowering people with sovereignty are required

Technology Stack

  • Rust/Cargo
  • BDK – Bitcoin Development Kit (Rust)
  • Various open-source projects (TBD, influenced by you)

*Resume, Cover Letter, and Portfolio are required.

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