c equals the speed of light

So that's it.

Block is getting ready for the next bull run. I wonder if the c is code for C-lightning or are they using SDK to build this out

So many bullish things coming out of TBD. Real builders.

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Is this a point of centralization then? Like if node operators need something like this to have successful transactions?

Or is this totally not needed at all?

Not needed for normal node operators, however if you are operating a business where you mostly accepting payments (and not sending payment), you need an LSP.

Plebs who pay for stuff and receive payments can operate without any of those LSPs. Businesses who receive and pay via lightning are fine as well.

Do it with my umbrel all the time. Umbrel smartphone Zeus tailscale is the winning formula

How do we pronounce this? See-equal... seequal? Sounds like some sort of structured query language...

Oh, the domain name: cequals. Wuddup widdat?

Lol, how many companies is this guy going to launch?

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION We strive to build a diverse and representative team that reflects the people we serve globally. We believe that representation matters in building a new financial system that’s meant to serve everyone.

From their careers page. Don't have a problem with the paragraph by itself. The title just smacks of politics. 🤢 Hope I'm wrong.

Do you remember the old Commodore logo? It was written C= in text format.

Has anyone seen info on connecting to their nodes? All I've seen is an email address, node@cequals.xyz