The Team

Synonym is a remote team of Bitcoiners, working with a coalition of independent engineers and businesses to bring new integrated products to Bitcoin, using the Lightning Network, Slashtags and Holepunch.

The Job

Synonym is building an alternative economy and digital society. We believe a web-of-trust architecture is required to properly express and sort key-based actors, metadata, and content within the system.

We are looking for someone to specialize in research & development of our web-of-trust rating, weighting, and filtering aspects by utilizing cryptographic keypairs combined with a DHT (Kademlia) for routing and key-locked databases. This includes our Slashtags protocol, Holepunch protocol, and abstracted methods for establishing subjective, semantic, sortable networks and data.

The successful candidate will need to consider sybil attacks, scaling issues, privacy, to design and deliver a system that establishes relative reputation networks with data that is filtered & weighted using semantic attributes.

While this role is partially research-oriented and may require someone with appropriate academic experience, it is important to note that this individual will be expected to contribute meaningfully to both the design and implementation of schemata and open-source code to be used within servers and client software products.

  • USA citizens and USA residents are not eligible for this position. *

The ideal candidate for this role will have experience in some of these areas:

  • Data Science
  • Distributed Systems
  • Cryptography
  • Graph Theory
  • Machine Learning / AI
  • Network Science
  • Schema Design
  • Signal Theory
  • Social Networks
  • Software Engineering
  • Anthropology, Game Theory, Evolutionary Psychology, Ontology, Sociology, etc.
  • Node.js experience is not required but a plus *
  • Bitcoin & Lightning network experience is a plus *