In the last month or so, we have seen many new open source contributors on the Stacker News Github and many new stackers joining the site and creating/zapping for the first time.
As the number of contributors and stackers scales, it will become more important to effectively communicate our ideas and make sure there are open feedback lines for anyone in the community to easily share their own ideas.
One idea we've considered recently is a regular (monthly? quarterly?) public call where we can all discuss the progress SN has made, the issues that need to be addressed, and the overall roadmap.
We'd love to hear your feedback on the idea of a regular update call, what specific topics you might like to discuss during such a call, and any other ideas you have to improve communication between Stacker News, open source contributors, and stackers going forward.
  1. I think a regular call would be good, to share things like major updates, road map, upcoming events, etc. I know a lot of this gets posted in ~meta, but a live forum could be nice, too.
  2. I feel the directon of SN is very much community-driven. There are many feature requests posted in ~meta, and in general discussed in comments all over the site. While directing developers to GitHub to log feature requests or bug reports works well, I don't think a stacker should have to have a GitHub account to make suggestions or offer feedback. That being said, I think a first-class mechanism within SN to submit feature requests, bug reports, and vote on them as a stacker seems like a good idea. This would allow the community to express their opinion on what they'd most like to see, without having to leave SN.
  3. I think @k00b has already started doing this, but just setting expectations around PR feedback is good. It could take a while for a small team such as SN's to review PRs, so just ensuring contributors are aware is helpful.
  4. A prioritized backlog of items for contributors to pull from would be nice. I don't think that should limit what contributors can work on, but it might help contributors find something meaningful to work on.
  5. Related to (4) above, if the backlog could also be annotated with things like Good First Issue to help onboard new contributors, that would also be good I think.
I'll add more comments if I think of anything else
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really solid feedback!
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If you decide to do a update call, I suggest doing it on something like Jitsi or Revolt as a less shitty Discord alternative.
Promote FOSS while being FOSS.
Living in different time zones makes it difficult to join the calls but I would definitely listen to them of they were recorded.
I always liked updates being posted here. I wouldn't join a call but I'm not a contributor. Seeing the call notes posted to SN would be cool if you go down that route.
As a B2B merchant, I would love to see any discussion about other B2B merchants around the World that are now pricing goods in SATS FIRST, then USD as a reference.
I have some thoughts, but I’ll write them up when I’m at my computer later. On mobile right now
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I think this is a fantastic idea, and if we could have this post here, it would include all the users feedback, as opposed to having it on, say, GitHub, where only a fraction of the users would contribute to it.