Looking to hire an experienced Bitcoin/LN Dev to create and integrate the infrastructure for the mobile wallet we are developing, currently in stealth.

Functionality you will be expected to deliver:

  • Generate the required Bitcoin address(es) on app download (on chain and Lightning)
  • Creation of password (4 digit number) on initial use of the app
  • Build Bitcoin transactions.
  • Recognize transactions and be able to send funds to other addresses, using a QR code, device camera, or a copied string, including an optional custom amount & memo
  • Recognize transactions and be able to receive funds to the above-mentioned addresses, on and off chain.
  • Create invoices, with the option of a custom amount and a memo
  • Broadcast user transactions to the mempool
  • Store user wallet transaction history, and show it when requested.
  • Dynamically calculate transaction fees based on the latest rates when building transactions.
  • Sign and verify messages
  • Internal infrastructure for managing our channels and wallets, including at least one full node
  • Datadog (or other) infrastructure performance monitoring system

We are currently agnostic on the choice of stack/libraries/tools/APIs/SDKs - please give a brief summary of what you would plan to use if hired for this job, along with an estimation of the time it will take you to complete the work, and a quote. Once hired, we will follow a weekly release cycle.

Thanks :)

If you have any questions, please send us an email or tweet @JordanPoulton