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The Team

We are a remote team, working with a coalition of independent engineers and businesses to bring new integrated products to Bitcoin, using the Lightning Network, Slashtags and Hypercore protocols.

The Job

This position requires an experienced marketing professional and is available to anyone self-driven, and with the experience, motivation and capacity to contribute to our vision.

We are looking for team members who can take the initiative, self-organize, and be effective in any situation. You will be part of a dynamic, multi-faceted team, and have the chance to increase adoption of Bitcoin-integrated products, protocols, and services.

Salary is based on experience. Be prepared to communicate your salary requirements.
USA citizens and USA residents are not eligible for this position.
Requirements & Responsibilities
  • A working understanding of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network
  • Familiarity with Bitcoin products, use cases, and users
  • Experience promoting wallet apps, open-source projects, or other Bitcoin products
  • Excellent copywriting skills for posts of all kinds
  • Generate press releases and securing placements
  • Manage and track multiple channels across multiple products/brands
  • Social media management, scheduling
  • Media buying, SEM/SEO, sponsorship placements
  • Organize and secure interviews in podcasts & conferences
  • Communicate, enforce, and promote the Synonym brand and our product brands
  • Assist business developers with materials, growing developer communities
  • Manage localization efforts
  • Ensure product launches are effective and noticed by all target audiences
  • Grow user base of products and services