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govts & anti-privacy actors... that's a pretty big list.

very much so.

having a reason to be out there in the woods seems a lot more enjoyable to me than just "being outdoors".

Been noticing the proliferation of people sharing their politics on Stacker News...

wouldn't mind if they didn't.

23 grams... not a bad stipend for a couple days in the woods

one option is to reconceptualize "mixing" as "joining" and don't worry so much about it.

my personal approach has been to e.g. Take a $20, and break it into 1x $10, 1x $5, 4x $1, and some change.

if you 10x the current market value of your UTXO now, are you looking at values that are dangerously large?

The Government shall keep its filthy hands off my stack.

AGI certainly came to mind

i wonder if there are names for these problems... like "the time travel problem"

oh neat... i just realized you're the maintainer. swag :) pleasure to meet you... i really liked the intro that you wrote to the package.

i love agreeing with people. this is the part that got me most interested (several weeks back when i first heard about it on RHR i think... or maybe dispatch... i don't remember): https://github.com/fiatjaf/nostr#the-problem-with-ssb-secure-scuttlebutt

the scuttlebutt community is quirky, and wonderful in what they're up to. however, they seemed to loath the idea of bitcoin... which kinda turned me off from getting involved with them even though there's a lot of js overlap for me. and couchDb looks awesome.

Around mid September (godwilling) I'll quit my full time job, and begin working exclusively on opensource. No idea how well that's gonna work for me, but it's something I've wanted to do for about a decade (and been saving up to do for about 3 years).

As that time gets closer, I'll start evaluating options for projects... Nostr is on the list. I'll be at btc++ getting some familiarity with the bitcoin codebase, too.

Always open to suggestions for what to work on & eager for some handholding/encouragement/etc... as I begin to explore outside the corporate world.

i appreciate the response.

careful about assuming the value of the raspberry pi. it isn't a secure computing environment. 2 of its 6 cores are closed source, and those are the cores used to boot the machine. (3)

tor, it appears, has been owned for a long time. (1)

in the event of a network warfare event, i assume that every internet connected rPi will be susceptible to being consumed (then attacked in retaliation) as part of a botnet.

imo, simple software is great. yet Umbrel is also a centralized service provider (for now, i'm aware there are efforts underway to resolve that to some degree). how many Umbrel (or any software we rely on as bitconers) devs could be coerced, or fooled to incorporating seemingly innocuous changes to the stack that are chained together to result in calamity. (2)

tl;dr- bitcoin itself needs to be hardened. relying on the rest of the porous web technology stack to support bitcoin in the event of a sustained, coordinated, multi-party network war is a hazard.

1 - https://www.pcmag.com/news/black-hat-cancels-presentation-on-cracking-tor 2 - https://www.theregister.com/2001/01/25/directv_attacks_hacked_smart_cards/ 3 - https://ownyourbits.com/2019/02/02/whats-wrong-with-the-raspberry-pi/

That’s solely an American culture issue. Have fun changing culture. Nothing will change there.

Never said it was gun culture. I said that it IS American culture.

You gun shillers are worse than btc maximalists.

lemme know when you're ready to dump your btc bags... happy to pay FMV

i really appreciate scuttlebutt, but i feel like the Nostr fam understands why it's got limited viability.

scuttlebutt was/is using git-ssb which is pretty awesome. something like that might port well to Nostr.

this is what i do as well.

it's how i got my first coin, in fact :)

Home miners will stop being profitable when/if energy increase significantly in the summer.

More miners online every day.

Some (not all) will have to sell.

If increased selling is not met with increased demanding, then you know the story.