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Bitcoin is freedom money. Most people do not understand money, not to talk of freedom. Another generation will have to arise that experience money as the most sound money.

Nice piece! "Stay humble, stack sats". TEACH your kids about bitcoin.

Awesome piece! Indeed bitcoin came a long way.

Only thieves and robbers create and weaponize CBDC. I think the people in IMF are so dumb. They just can't stand Bitcoin and it's philosophy.

Awesome! I really appreciate. I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the encouragement.

Well, I 100% respect your opinion. But, there is so much more to Bitcoin than just the fee. If you truly understand and believe in the philosophy of Bitcoin, you won't be talking about tx fee, because it's one of the least of all things about bitcoin.

If I may guess, you sounded like someone with a lot of financial privileges or one of those altcoiners. Maybe Bitcoin is not for you. I suggest you go on adventure to Africa, Nigeria to be precise. When you do, you'll never want to talk about tx fee anymore. I adopted Bitcoin simply because it's the hope that we have to change the course of history for good. Bitcoin is for survivors. People who understand reasons for the existence of Bitcoin don't talk about tx fee or anonymity. (In bitcoin, privacy is not secrecy).

And, if not for the "greedy people", bitcoin would have been a lost case by now.

I don't think Bitcoin is in "jeopardy of becoming obsolete." Simply put, Bitcoin is not crypto!

This is not surprising! And, it's just the beginning. Wallet of Satoshi is awesome.

I find your writing very entertaining, but not educating. Thank you. But you really sound like a someone from an elite-privilege background. If you still believe "we're already hyperbitcoinized, I challenge you to leave your "comfort zone" and come to Africa for some adventure. "We're not hyperbitcoinized" yet!

Who runs the media? Fiat runs the media, not bitcoin. The impunity practiced by the mainstream media towards a fellow journalist is unbelievably simply because of the fiat systems that empowers them. But bitcoin fixes this.

Bitcoin is an idea. So is fiat. But fiat is a very badly design idea. Indeed fiat is a new form of slavery. Bitcoin is indeed freedom!

This is great! I wish most African startups will focus on bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only technology that can give the people freedom from their overlords.

Jimmy Song has been a source of inspiration to me. I learn a lot about bitcoin through him.

As a bitcoiner, my mission is to use bitcoin to bring down the current fiat monetary system to its knees. In order to make our world a better place for us and our descendants, we must get rid of the fiat system and then actively push for the mass adoption of the bitcoin standard.

What is currently happening the death of banks and politics. People no longer trust the banking and political systems. With bitcoin, there is no such thing as trust. You simply verify.

Absolutely! We (bitcoiners) have been preparing from day one. But the battle is not over yet. We are at the stage of "...then they fight us". With bitcoin as our only weapon, we shall get to that stage of "...then we win!".

Bitcoiner parents have big responsibility of educating their descendants about bitcoin.

This is a great piece. Well done! In my opinion, for one to adopt bitcoin hubdred percent, one must equally adopt the bitcoin mindset. Without transforming your thinking, it'll be almost impossible adopt the bitcoin standard, not to talk of opting outing of the fiat system.

Also, when you're living in a developing nation, the government use force to decree it's citizens into mandatory use of the banks and their fiat money. So, it's way harder to adopt bitcoin standard in Africa than, say, U.S. or Europe. Right now, in Nigeria, people are suffering due to lack of physical cash and very bad online transaction systems. But I believe, this hardship is what will tilt people toward sound money (bitcoin).

I got my first sats as a reward from African Bitcoiners, for starting and completing Lessons on bitcoin.