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Hmm... Doubt. But sure. I assign that outcome a 5% probability at this point though.

Yeah and that miners might hard fork eth because they won't get rewards under PoS

Man... I really think that the kinks in the armor are starting to show. Three recent Vitalik-only datapoints:

  1. This "what if ETH wasn't around anymore" tweet poll https://nitter.net/VitalikButerin/status/1481737970562789376#m
  2. "In defense of BTC Maxis" essay
  3. The tweet shared above

That's not to mention all the nasty stuff core devs are saying e.g. this one

Yeah, and he went on a shitcoiner show to talk about that essay, if you really want to go down this specific rabbit hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4vYEn_Twog&t=6337s

Damn, that paper from U Chicago is awesome, thanks! Figure A10 sucks tho... I wonder why remittance adoption is declining like that.

Does anyone know what the results have been of Bukele's Bitcoin law? The only thing I have seen is a very positive increase in tourism numbers.

That top comment also totally ignores the fact that the future of BTC is dynamic and uncertain. What's going to happen when block rewards are from tx fees only? Nobody knows. But that author seems content to extrapolate.

All in all I felt that top comment was a straw-man type of approach.

Which sounds like a perfectly reasonable action. What's missing for me is an explanation as to why now of all times. Seems like a smoking gun.

I'm 65% sure this was in some way malicious on Binance's part.


Red flags:

  1. A bunch of shitociners. I mean you have to be really depraved to have worked on Libra for so long IMO.
  2. Raised a horde of soft money that will be focused on growth at all costs
  3. Raised money before they knew what they are gonna do
  4. Highly suspect investors as you point out.
  5. Marketing phrases like "extend Bitcoin". We don't need your fiat extensions. Get lost.

Create a token on Taro for bootstrapping 😂

This is really toxic behavior people

Once again we see the competent industrial players correcting the misguided perceptions of braindead politicians. It would be nice to see a competent politician for a change who actually understands complex topics and does not think it's just a series of tubes.

Sidenote: given what we saw with the shitcoinery (I believe it was SOL) at the highest levels of the EU parliament in the recently leaked EU documents, it's probably safe to assume that there was some equivalent shitcoinery going on behind the scenes with these "members of congress" who sent the original letter to the EPA.

Surprisingly decent normie overview apart from a glaring error here and there (e.g. China's number one reason for banning was not environmental concerns, it was the threat Bitcoin posed to their dictatorship).

Great, thanks! I'll add this to my TODO list. If I understand correctly it's recommended to run both TOR and I2P for now.