2,269 sats stacked
stacking since: #134577longest cowboy streak: 3
Set at 1 but I tap a couple of times. Lately I would zap the difference to make the zap count rounded to the nearest 100
Will it get enough traction that it attracts the normz?
The yen almost lost its life doing that a cpl months ago
Answering a question with a question isn't an answer.
Lucky I guess. And you're right: nobody makes money longterm from trading. What about investing short term?
😆 ok. One day I will grab the pebble from the teacher
Ad hominems doesn't work over here
Don't mess with those at all. Just saying I don't see nothing wrong with doing that. The one problem I see that a lot of newbies do is that they trade in dollars instead of sats. That's a sure way to lose sats. When I first got into this space, that was a serious guideline. Now, not so much or at all
This is probably the most comprehensive article I read in a long time about porn and bitcoin (cryptos).
Can I zap someone else with sn wallet on nostr?