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I'm Keyan. I like to maek things.

I've been in free fall down the Bitcoin rabbit hole for the last 6 months or so.

I'm currently the main programmer of SN. My background is in distributed systems but more recently I've been building web apps.

While I'm pretty active on here and the chats, you can also find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/k00bideh


Hey Keyan,

Do you have a Discord server? Somewhere people from stacker news can hang out and chat more casually?

If you look in the footer of the site we have links to a Sphinx Tribe and a telegram group.

Site is great, this is quickly becoming my go-to for bitcoin news. Learned about the bitcoin mining council like half an hour before their live stream yesterday, got a ton of super helpful info from it. Thanks man.

Thanks frostdragon! Let us know if you need anything

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Hey Koob, where's my welcome comment on my profile? I feel left out. Thanks for making this site btw.

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nice stake keyan!

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Love the site Keyan keep it up! 🖖

Thanks Drew!

Simple & clean looking great working app/site. Love it. Thank you!

Thanks Ren!

Hi Keyan! nice to be here! 👋

thank you for your service!

Amazing stuff you've built here! I've always enjoyed trying out new things, especially technology related things, and I have to say this website is perhaps the most amazing proof of concept in my opinion for how lightning should and can work.

That's very sweet major! Thank you!

Is there any way to contact members of the site other than replying to their posts? I noticed your sphinx tribe appears to be broken. Is it still available?

How is it broken? Is it just super flaky because of tor?

We also have basic-b telegram group https://t.me/stackernews that's more active.

When I try to join with Sphinx on Android, it pops up a toast that says "Invalid Tribe". I couldn't tell you why its not working.

I suspect a Tor issue but I'll double check it can still be joined.