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  • I'm invisible to sliding doors
  • I can crack my nose
  • I have the ability to hold wine glass with wine in it for long hours while drunk sleeping
I feel like these are all related 😄
I'll add it to The List™️
@remindme all the time that darthcoin is right
You can mute anon btw if want them to actually not exist for you
Senator Warren must've nearly spit out her morning cup of fair trade, single-origin adrenochrome.
Lol the ghost of nemo is haunting us I think
something speaks truth
When I zap a lot:
  1. stacker sharing a discussion/link/question is known for thoughtfully participating in the comments of their posts
  2. news/findings/interestingness that I personally wouldn't want to miss
  3. a very high quality piece of original long form content
tomorrow's news today
I thought this was a joke but they seem pretty serious.
Over time, the companies team, which includes MIT mathematicians and Cambridge machine learning experts, aspires to forecast a myriad of topics including sports outcomes, market dynamics, Oscar winners and even election results.
It'll probably do better than humans eventually but if it ever becomes very accurate, it'll challenge our ideas about how free and undetermined the world is.
To avoid being worried, consider adding another method. It sounds like there might be a bug though on one of our ends
Starting a business is usually irrational and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just that you usually start a business because ... you want to start a business.
Chances are all of you will have more bitcoin than me and I'm okay with that because I'd rather do this than have more bitcoin.
Our lnd cert expired. Should work now. Sorry about that
Our lnd cert expired. Should work now. Sorry about that
Our lnd cert expired. Should work now. Sorry about that
Our lnd cert expired. Thanks for reporting boss! Should work now
Woooo boy today we outlasted our first lnd cert.
We do want every territory to have their own saloon though eventually
It should. It has a null subName so it should go everywhere.