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TODO: cOme up wiTh clever Profile AD0UFVQaF1IWGTwRAAofRQINFwAzHQAKDB8R

nostr: npub1wuvg3erz56d5aq80rypjsy5smwuusks4ufmr8z78d4rwlpns0u0qckzz78



Thanks! Been here for a little while, just hadn’t made a bio yet 😬

Oh well, either way!

Welcome to nostr, too! Pretty new over there as well.

I'm new to posting much of anything anywhere. I'm a general lurker seeking the information I want and rarely participate.

SN changed that so I figured try it out. The damn interoperability of lightning is really what keeps me excited more than anything.

I've got nothing good to say anyway. We shall tread the waters

That's the vibe right there.

Damn your right. There's a reason I've avoided posting memes my whole life. Others are going to better anyway. I'll go dark for a few days.

You’re not competing with the entire internet in either of these places. Just a small community. It’s nice.

Welcome. Stay humble, stack sats.

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Welcome drag-on see what i did there hehe so nice on both not to have to use an email or phone # here with the ln login and nostr generating a pub key hope u enjoy all the signal on both spaces


Stack sats Stay humble