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The orange pill takes a long time to go down. First took interest in it in 2013, then got wrapped up in alts for many years. When I heard about lightning, then taproot, and when Elon blessed it in the beginning of 2021, for me it was all over. Bitcoin is to politics as Columbus is to the West. We are entering the third volume of modern history, the golden age is at hand.

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welcome! how'd you find SN?

Oh lets see.. I was messing with Alby browser extension, trying to find websites that support Alby LNAuth. I liked the authentication mechanism that Alby has between its plugin and its website, and I wanted to learn more and see if I could use it on my own website. I couldn't find anything on their getalby.com website but I noticed they have a substack. Their substack links to https://webln.dev/#/ and WebLN has link to stacker.news This means that Alby supports stacker.news, so I took a closer look and now I'm hooked.

The bitcoin innovation rabbit hole is intense. I'm excited about Impervious AI and NOAH.

Welcome! 🤗

Welcome aboard!