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Remind me to not feed the troll next time
  1. Ad hominem only proves you're a dick. I'm not being afraid by pointing out security problems. Go on being a dick, I'm not interested in fixing you.
  2. Its fine to have spending cash, but you don't store your money out in the open at the checkout counter while you're shopping. You want control over your property at all times. This NFC card prevents you from having this control.
  3. Skimming is skimming, you're not refuting my argument, you're dismising it. If there's a store that takes bitcoin, its going to attract people that know how to steal bitcoin from these things if they become remotely popular.
  4. How is repeating my point and laughing refuting it? I don't even need to open your link to know you're pointing to rfid shielding envelopes. Those are a false sense of security. The instant you pull your card out of it, you get skimmed. It has happened way too many times to my wife and I over the past year and we're getting really tired of having to cancel our card, order a new one, and update all the online accounts with the new card number.
  5. Obsession? Hiding? You're setting up a strawman and arguing against it. good job.
LightningEscrow is what I was trying to remember. Sometimes the most obvious thing to search for is the hardest to think of.
Integrating more tightly with Strike, e.g. getting them to support lnauth and adding an in/out option from the SN wallet to/from strike wallet the way it works with Alby but with Strike's API (on both PC and mobile) could be some first steps. Not that you want SN to be a 'strike-extension' but to ride their coat-tails could be beneficial to attract some less technical contributors who want to talk about bitcoin
Mine was this January to Sphinx to connect to their lite server
How many bug reports have you gotten with the profile page's sat-tistics "misspelling" ? I just noticed, good one!
I would love to engage more often, the problem is I can't login with mobile because my account was created with the original Alby lnauth so I'm in desktop-jail until you get around to finding a way to combine accounts
This is a great contribution! There are content creators that wish to publish their content and ask for tips (SN), and there are others that want subscription based model (substack), but this enables another option where you can pay-as-you-go. There is a wordpress plugin that does something similar, but really... is wordpress usable by mere mortals anymore? It would be interesting to release the paywall after an expiry period so only new content (maybe something newer than 6 months) would need to be paid for. Something also valuable would be for the readers to have a lnauth account so they don't need to pay for the content again the next time they visit the site. You might also have a threshold for readers so if they pay so much per month they will gain access to all content until their pay-per-month quota falls back below that threshold.
Question: is there a sample site where the code is running?
k00b, congrats on your 12th episode! Did you really use a 35mm motion camera to record it? ;)
I've been using this paywithmoon/nfc-pay at several places for a few days (in the US) and it works great! I haven't run into any rejections yet.
This is very exciting. You can now be fully unbanked in the US with lightning and still participate in the present ancient payment networks.
I'll give it to you that MY tapwater is awesome, but its 20000 years old and directly from a well outside of my window. I would never drink that over-calcified virus-infected pharmaceutical-laced runoff they put in the municipal supply. My great-grandad (born about 125 years ago) said city water wasn't suitable to wash his feet, and that was before most of the xenoestrogens and chemicals of today.
"Keyon's favorite drink is tapwater" lol!
The suggested SynQuacer Linaro96board is a very impressive ITX board, but at over $1k its not exactly the deal a Rpi4b is. The meerkat from sys76 isn't a bad suggestion either at about $600 given its a finished system with a warranty. I use system76 for all my personal desk/laptops even though ubuntu isn't my flavor of choice lately. I'll definitely consider oen of those SynQuacer boards as a VPS/Docker platform.
Your summary is nothing like the condescending and polarized writing of Ms. Hsu. Thanks for extracting the important facts!
Here's something that is somewhat maddening: The "Daily Discussion Thread" doesn't show up at all in the 'recent' tab, nor in the 'top' results, so if you are looking for a particular date and its not showing up in search, you just have to keep scrolling through the main page's list.
Are these only for bitcoin jobs? I am wanting to interview people looking for FTE positions in embedded controls engineering.