1. If you are so afraid to go outside because one bad guy will attack you, why do you not stay hidden into your "vault-house"? Life is full of unexpected situations, live it and enjoy the experience, take your own risks and responsibilities. As a bitcoiner youhave full responsibility on your own way how to store, use and secure your stash. Use the damn method of 3 levels stashing, no need to carry with you all your BTC, damn it.
  2. these cards are supposed to be your spending cash, are NOT ALL your cash. You have a dedicated wallet that manage them, with limited amount, that you can refill any time you want.
  3. skimming works with regular visa cards, not with these. Even if a thief will rob you, mostly if they do not see any name/number on it, they don't even know what is that and will throw it away. Even if they put it into a ATM will not work :) Yellen stole your NFC card and want to withdraw USD from an ATM ....
  4. "you would expose your sats with no authorization on a device that can be read from meters away "
LOL here use these, cheap https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32959268383.html Don't be paranoic, are just some sats, not BTC.
  1. Why this obsession with "opsec is essential" ? From who you are hiding? Confront not hide.
  1. Ad hominem only proves you're a dick. I'm not being afraid by pointing out security problems. Go on being a dick, I'm not interested in fixing you.
  2. Its fine to have spending cash, but you don't store your money out in the open at the checkout counter while you're shopping. You want control over your property at all times. This NFC card prevents you from having this control.
  3. Skimming is skimming, you're not refuting my argument, you're dismising it. If there's a store that takes bitcoin, its going to attract people that know how to steal bitcoin from these things if they become remotely popular.
  4. How is repeating my point and laughing refuting it? I don't even need to open your link to know you're pointing to rfid shielding envelopes. Those are a false sense of security. The instant you pull your card out of it, you get skimmed. It has happened way too many times to my wife and I over the past year and we're getting really tired of having to cancel our card, order a new one, and update all the online accounts with the new card number.
  5. Obsession? Hiding? You're setting up a strawman and arguing against it. good job.
OK boomer, keep your sats locked into a hidden wallet inside a mountain, guarded by an army, because someday somebody will steal them from you with a skimming technique and the shop owner will withdraw all your sats from a damn NFC card.
Remind me to not feed the troll next time