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SN user since item #166 Early adopter (2012 class), old bitcoiner (toxic) maximalist, trying to onboard to Bitcoin as many nocoiners I can, by doing guides and give them support 24/7 for free.
Shitcoiners - prove yourself you are worth it, otherwise HFSP.

I am testing BTC/LN solutions all the time from the POV of a normal user just to be able to teach noobs into that BTC solution they need for each case. My free newsletter guides https://darthcoin.substack.com/ I do not run a routing public node anymore. Only private ones.

Yes, hate me if you want, for my writing tone, for my way to express myself... I don't fucking care! It's your problem not mine, if you are too snowflake for my way. Important is the message and content I wrote not the way I say it.



Can vouch for Darth's helpfulness in the Umbrel community ⚡️🙌

And remember: the goal is to FUCK THE BANKS, not to fuck each others...

had me laughing, well said

Thanks. Also I open a substack newsletter with all the guides: https://darthcoin.substack.com/ Here are some of the latest guides on Umbrel Community Forum (will come more) https://community.getumbrel.com/c/guides/14/l/top/all

Fucking Legend.


Welcome aboard!

i see your node is slowly dying?

Yes, I let it die. Soon will be shut down. As I said many times now, I stop running routing nodes. I run only private nodes.

Also as a side note... latest Umbrel update is a TOTAL MESS! Never thought it will became such garbage.

yeah umbrel is trash. i will try unbrel soon

Care to say what is specifically bad about it?

I think that for any serious node one should start from a bare bones linux installation.

Can't see myself holding serious amounts (e.g 1BTC for my risk-tolerance) in something that's early phase, node.js, abstracts everything away and etc.

It's a good opportunity to dip your toes.

you say it. barebone linux + bitcoind + lnd/cln, not docker-container from questionable sources