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Lightning Network (LN) Resources for newbies

I see many new users coming here but have no idea about LN and how it works and why LN exist.
IMPORTANT aspects:
  • Bitcoin layer 1 (onchain) could not grow and go forward without LN! Forget about saying that you will always transact only onchain.
  • Bitcoin L1 (onchain) will just gonna die without LN.
  • Soon the L1 will be used ONLY to open and close LN channels, store large amount of BTC in cold wallets, NOT to transact each others, to buy groceries.
  • Onchain is your "central bank", your store of value system.
  • LN is the PAYMENT NETWORK for L1 (onchain), the spending pockets, your "commercial bank".
As I explained in this guide, use the 3 level of stashing: HODL, Cache, Spend.
Guys, before start saying nonsense and stupidities about LN, please read and learn more about LN. There is a plethora of documentation out there, free, open, guides etc. Are there to be read, not to be ignored.

Please bookmark them, it will save you a lot of time if you read them.

Here I prepared for you, a basic list:
A. General information and documentation about the Lightning Network
B. Guides and Video tutorials about the Lightning Network and Bitcoin nodes
And many more links here
Big fan of openoms. When I ran my raspiblitz he was a huge help
nice guide ... thanks .
I'd be willing to fix your grammatical issues in this guide and all of your others for a couple thousand sats. Let me know if interested, it could make your guides a lot more user-friendly.
Not interested. I've told you several times. I am not here for a grammatical challenge or Oxford English prize...
Ok, that's fine - it's your choice. It's just a shame though, your articles seem to have a lot of effort put into them. As a native English speaker, they can sometimes be slow to get through. I understand it all fine, but the grammar needs to be cleaned up quite a bit.
If your goal is to help newbies (which is what the title of the article seems to imply), it could be fruitful to focus on the language you use to teach them.