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The Lightning Buzz for your browser has awoken, Alby has hatched its hive and will be the bridge between websites and users to transact the money of the internet ‘bitcoin’ instantly and seamlessly online through the Lightning Network.

Go take a look, any feedback is highly appreciated.


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Welcome Alby. Your extension is awesome!

But - you gotta link to your actual site in your bio!


Edit: I just realized, imposters could be a thing. I have no proof the above account is owned by Alby.

good Idea, I will link it now, thank you for the feedback. we are Alby, you are welcome to DM our Twitter or TG to verify :)

This gives me an idea, it would be cool to implement account verification somehow by having accounts sign a message (e.g. the website's domain) with a private key corresponding to a known public key. Then they could prove they own the private key by signing their own domain with the same key and putting that on their website. That's very manual obviously, but it could be systematized I bet.

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Alby looks cool. Welcome!

Alby is super cool, welcome to SN!

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I verified that this account is controlled by the same people who control the Alby twitter account.

Obviously, you now have to trust me...c'est la vie!

Thank you everyone :) Stacker news is amazing!!