We've seen many Bitcoin conferences this year (and more to come). But I didn't see anything super funny and practical like this I am going to propose.
This scenario will show how powerful are Bitcoin tools and their practicality.

Scenario: Show to a shitcoiner the true path to Bitcoin with Bitcoin Switch

  1. What to use: LNBits Bitcoin Switch
  2. How to use:
  • invite a shitcoiner or nocoiner to participate WILLINGLY to this experiment. Nobody will get hurt. Will be just like a slight lightning zap.
  • prepare some basic 21 good questions about Bitcoin to ask the shitcoiner
  • connect the Bitcoin Switch to shitcoiner's hand
  • Put 2 QR codes for LN payments to the Bitcoin Switch, so audience could "vote" with sats if the answers are good or bad. One for good answers, sats goes to shitcoiner wallet, one for bad answers, sats goes to Bitcoin Switch, electrocuting him, slowly, just to give him some Lightning sparks. In this way he gets incentives to answer correctly.
  1. Example of this scenario was presented by Ben Arc (creator of LNbits and Bitcoin Switch) experimenting his creation on himself, live:
Nobody will get hurt.
almost sounds like inviting rabbits into lion's cage 😂😂
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I love this! Not only makes the event more interactive, but it'll also do some brain rewiring for some 👌