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The real and only Pony. Artist and a Unicorn and Alicorn (https://falloutequestria.fandom.com/wiki/Alicorn) Supremacist. https://ponybooru.org/profiles/Psychoshy_bc1


What does alicorn supremacy entail?

It means that they are the "best" Pony race as they have the abilities from all 3 races combined. Also i find them really hot tbh. Especially the blue ones.

"Alicorns as their name suggests, embody the best traits of all three pony species. They have access to Unicorn magic on a much higher tier, pegasus wings and weather manipulating abilities and Earth Pony endurance."

Also i find them really hot tbh.

I really don't want to kinkshame but ... Uhm what

well at least my kinks doesn't hurt anybody xD

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