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Hell yeah, man! Several of the points you brought up were mentioned at the conference exactly haha. I guess it's not much of a coincidence since the points are true and widely distributed amongst bitcoiners! Thanks again

Thanks for the writeup nout. I can tell you went to the conference or at least watched the talks!

15-18 years old. The school is in New Hampshire.

Thanks again Darth for your reply. I'm adding your resource to my Bitcoin Education Discord!

What do you mean don't trust Discord? They close rooms? Why? I've never heard of this.....

I'm a math teacher so it's just extra stuff I'll teach them. The basics of Bitcoin

Next I'm going to add fun facts to the end of their tests and give them extra credit for learning about Bitcoin. When they get curious enough, I'll invite them to my Bitcoin Education discord that I started this summer!

I put a Bitcoin sign on my door and waited for them to ask questions. I also gave my class a survey to gauge who has heard about Bitcoin before

100% the journey to Bitcoin maximalism goes through shitcoins for most people

Cool! Can you explain how to tip sats on a post? I can't figure it out. And do you receive 1 sat per comment on your post? How does this work? haha