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The use of Lightning has been going great. Over 20% of all transactions have now been on Lightning. We also have had a lot of new users from the Lightning community that never shopped before we added Lightning support.

Hey, Have you tried contacting support yet? If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to DM us on twitter. We need to know more about the nature of your account/recent transactions to determine why your account was suspended.

If you already have a wishlist on Amazon, all you need to do is make it public and paste the link in the search bar on Purse. From there you just need to click the button “add selected to cart” and it’s all done. Learn more here: https://purse.io/wishlist-help

If you just have 1 or 2 items you would like to buy, it’ll probably just be easier to search the items on Purse directly :)

If you would like more information about shopping on Purse, click here https://purse.io/how-it-works

Feel free to message us if you have any more questions!

Yeah I know right! And he is only a college student. He bought himself a nice laptop and other things because of that :)

Thank you! Nice to see that more people are supporting the circular economy, well done :)

Lightning integration was a long awaited feature, so naturally our power users transitioned to it quickly after launching. It's still so new though, so we anticipate more users switching as it becomes more embedded into the ecosystem and more exchanges adopt lightning deposits/withdrawals

hodl Bitcoin 🤣... No but really, the ecosystem has evolved so much and the crypto space is constantly changing. But one things for sure is that everything revolves around Bitcoin and we've learned it will stand the test of time.

Roger was an early investor and is still a passive shareholder of Purse. We appreciate his help in getting Purse's mission out to the community. However, he has been inactive with us for some time now.

Purse had two options when Bitcoin Cash forked in 2017. We could have kept the Bitcoin Cash for ourselves and cashed in like a lot of other companies did. Or, we could enable wallet support and deposit the Bitcoin Cash into the rightful owners’ accounts. We chose the latter and still believe that was the right thing to do for our customers. There was a period of time when BTC transactions were cost prohibitive for some of our Shoppers on Purse who operate on thin margins. Lightning’s low fees is a major reason why we’re so excited about the future of Bitcoin. Bitcoin = BTC

Amazon changes their system regularly, which sometimes makes it difficult for the Purse platform to interoperate with them. Our developers have to pay close attention in order to maintain compatibility with Amazon. With that said, Purse has never been directly targeted by Amazon since our platform went live 8 years ago.

Roger was an early investor and is still a passive shareholder of Purse. We appreciate his help in getting Purse's mission out to the community. However, he has been inactive with us for some time now.

We’ve answered about Bitcoin Cash elsewhere, but to keep it short, BCH is what our customers demanded when the fork occurred due to the low fees. If a strong majority of our userbase are Bitcoin and Lightning proponents, then we’ll reconsider the need for Bitcoin Cash. As far as transactions on Purse, 20% of all transactions have involved Lightning.

Taproot support is currently in review for Bcoin, here’s the Pull Request that will provide that support: https://github.com/bcoin-org/bcoin/pull/1063

On Bitcoin Cash: our customers demanded low fees at the time, which is why we supported BCH payments up till now. With our recent Lightning integration, this makes Bitcoin extremely useful for our e-commerce platform. If a strong majority of Purse’s userbase uses Bitcoin and Lightning, then we’ll definitely reconsider having Bitcoin Cash. Help make this happen!

Thanks for the questions! We strive to support as many items as possible, and when an item is not available, we encourage our users to report the item which allows us to investigate it and provide support. We are normally very timely in responding to reported items. Here’s our support document regarding items we cannot support: https://support.purse.io/en/article/what-cant-i-buy-on-purse-unsupported-items-1dwpp6t/

Purse was founded in 2014, and our engineers have been very active with open-source development. We used Purse’s Marketplace as a vehicle for many of our improvements and contributions, whether it was the Bcoin implementation or creating Handshake.

We thought about shutting down the Marketplace to focus on these exciting projects, but our community feedback made us realize we miscalculated the Marketplace demand. That's when we begin reorganizing the company to focus exclusively on the marketplace while spinning out our other innovations as their own projects.

We are friends with the Lightning Network creators and have been keeping a close eye on the network’s maturity throughout the years. After receiving thousands of requests to integrate Lightning and after vetting the technology as mature enough, we have finally done so and are grateful for the overwhelming support thus far! There has been a gradual shift from onchain transactions to Lightning since the August 10th launch. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Lightning involved with 20% of all transactions on Purse. The metrics show that Lightning usage is steadily increasing.

Great question! As one of the oldest Bitcoin utility companies, we do make money besides just hodling Bitcoin! We charge a service fee that’s based on the discount requested (ranges from 1.9-4.7%). For 10% discount or less, Purse charges Shoppers a 1.9% flat fee. With this revenue model, Purse requires a high volume for cost of goods sold.

Lightning Network aligns with our motto perfectly of making Bitcoin useful. As we’re an ecommerce platform, our users have a huge need for low transaction fees. The Lightning Network is at the core for enabling Purse to continue to innovate. While Lightning transactions are a huge win, we also have other aspirations to remove the custodial nature of Purse. One month in, 20% of all transactions on Purse involve Lightning.

Alright, here to answer questions for the next few hours ⚡️