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I always look forward to @DarthCoin posts on Stacker.news

Would you support a Crypto Exchange or a Bitcoin-only Exchange? Same argument. I don't support any company or app that has shitcoins.

This include Bitrefill, Hardware Wallets, Exchanges, everything.

Doesn't matter, it supports shitcoins, it's a NO for me.

  • Tornado Cash shutdown and devs put in jail.
  • FTX fiasco.
  • LUNA/TerraUST.

They were just the first 1%, the next 99% that finally got me to Bitcoin-only was... studying.

The moment you study Bitcoin, you change as person, and nothing else (specially crypto/shitcoins) makes sense.

But when you pay, it will merge both addresses coins and it will reveal your identity.

You can't trust hardware wallets that support shitcoins. I would go a step further, don't trust any hardware wallet besides SeedSigner (DIY).

Just don't use any service that supports shitcoins. Even hardware wallets.

And what are each one of them used for?

You can't keep 100% of your data safe no matter how hard you try. Government has to help to fight agaisnt big-tech anti-privacy schemes.

The main ones, i even have one of them self-hosted on my Umbrel

Nostr is unusable for me, too slow and glitchy.

Why should i use wallet of satoshi over blue wallet or any other wallet?

I want to love nostr aswell, but right now it seems too unstable and half the time doesn't work, so i will pass.