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Write your reps (easy to do via EFF link). Don't let them succeed..

Drop your npub, I'll send you CashU ecash over nostr.

Where did you read this? You do not need to run a bitcoin and lightning node to use CashU--you may be talking about running a mint, which you can also do on .

BTC sessions did a great demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riTRD0BdMDI

Also check out https://nutstash.app and https://cashu.space for more information.

This, in my areas... "People should learn to make the difference between public and private damn it:

You can also redeem Cashu tokens and pay Lightning invoices here: https://redeem.cashu.me/

I would suggest buying the above book instead--costs more but more signal.

"Not many industries can take a potent greenhouse gas like methane & convert that into work that both secures a global network & drives down CO2. #Bitcoin does this and more."

FWIW, I don't post much on Stacker News, cuz I know I can't edit or delete if it is later revealed to need an edit or delete because it's unfactual "news".

Nice work Gandalf! Here's some sats/cashus for someone else- W3siaWQiOiIwTkkzVFVBczFTZnkiLCJhbW91bnQiOjIsInNlY3JldCI6Ikl3S3BPZW1XWVJ6N29xc21idEIzZHhrQS9uT1lwNU1TdWg2S2kvZUJoUmM9IiwiQyI6IjAyZTNhMjRlZGYyMzU2NDBjZWViN2ZmMmMzMjdhYTA1NWMzNjhkNjFjOTQ5ODJmMWQ2ZWE2MjdjMjJjN2U0NTJhNiJ9XQ==