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There is something called the Lugano convention, signed by UK and Norway, making British judgments enforcable in Norway. In effect, it makes Norwegians subjects of British libel law when they use social media. No one is aware of this. Huge hole in the rights Norwegians have to freedom of speech

It seems there are huge flaws in the system, especially British libel law

So far they have handled my case well. Still verifying :)

Am I twitter famous? The Lightning Torch in 2019 probably brought more attention

Much more stable. Thicker channels, more overall liquidity. Can handle bigger payments with ease now. Also, the ecosystem around it has grown a lot. Projects like Breez have made streaming sats and running a self custodial LN wallet easy.

Never answer anything pertaining to my own setup. You shouldn't either :)

I think Trezor and ColdCard are solid wallets

I think I learn the most from the plebs, since they offer up so many different perspectives and journeys to see and understand bitcoin from/through. Just interacting with them on twitter is a learning journey, though not necessarily technical in nature.

Gigi and Giacomo are among my favorite people to learn from also.

Family, friends, community and stoicism. I always made sure to focus only on what I could control. And to always remember I have truth on my side

You would be surprised how little energy I use to analyze Craig Wright. I think it's a huge waste of time. I don't even want to know.

Favorite scifi novel: Dune

Favorite book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

So many good ones there...

This one by Croesus is probably the favorite in the sense of bringing insight on a central topic of bitcoin adoption:


And have a sweet spot for this one by Knut Svanholm, since I'm an old Commodore 64 guy myself :)


It felt really good to win in Norway. He has appealed though, so currently preparing both for trial in UK and the appeal in Norway.