Wanted to share our latest update about Mash for any feedback and thoughts from the community here (and a dash of self-promotion, tweet thread if you you want to help in that regard). https://twitter.com/getmash/status/1630191485999017984

Background is that when we started Mash, few people had lightning wallets. So we built one as a core part of the system. Things have changed including 47M users getting access with CashApp and the growth of tons of other options. So we got been heads down building with our vision on interoperability and openness as the foundation.

👻⚡️Announcing Ghost Checkout⚡️👻

While you could create an account, load it up from another wallet, send funds in/out. We get it. Creating an account is a big commitment. So why require it when contributing to the creators, builders and media companies that have integrated Mash? While it's now no longer required, there are other benefits that I'll save from this post.

Now you can pay/donate without an account, with any lightning wallet, to any site that has integrated Mash. You can use apps like CashApp, Strike, Wallet of Satoshi, GetUmbrel, Mynode, Zebedee or your own rolled lightning node.

What better place than the Bitcoin Times by Svetski to give it a try. They've provided provided us with LOTS of feedback, has been an awesome partner, and is an amazing writer in the space that is worthy of your scarce time and support? https://bitcointimes.io/product/legend-of-prometheus/

Blog Post: https://www.getmash.com/news/ghost-checkout-lightning-bitcoin-wallet

Bitcoin Mag coverage: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/mash-enables-bitcoin-payments-without-an-account


this is huge!

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Finally! 😅 I remember complaining about this first time mash was announced on Stacker News...

The only right move. Interoperate or be obliterated

congrats 🎉 on the update

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