Some weeks ago I stumbled over a post here on stacker news about a minecraft server in which one can earn or spend sats and play minecraft. I myself never played minecraft but my three kids have played a lot. So I thought maybe I should tell them and they may have a look at it. Ever since the main topic of the day is always Satlantis. Here are some points which my kids find very worth talking about (the whole day).

As soon as they joined the server every one of them got an ingame asic miner. The asics need to be fed with emeralds to generate hashrate. Every 10 minutes somebody gets a percentage from the prize pool in sats. The more asics you have that are running (fed with emeralds) the more chance you have of getting lucky and win some sats. One can buy asics from ingame shop for 70k sats.

You have to claim land so nobody can steal your stuff or destroy your buildings. There are a lot of minigames, for example jump and run, chess, elytra race, clash of mobs and so on. If you are the best elytra racer in a week you will get an asic for free. There have also been at least 2 events in which items will drop from above in the pvp area. The highest price items have been asics and virtual credit cards and elytras with mending.

If you join a clan with your friends your combined hashrate counts as mining pool and if the clan gets lucky every body in the clan gets a payout relative to one's asics amount.

As mentioned above the asics need to be fed with emeralds, but those you can only get from the ore trader, minigame prizes or trading with other players. The ore trader pays you with emeralds for the ores you can get from the mines. The mine is also a PVP zone in which you have to be careful.

Since many players have asked to get an auction house the game has been updated and now they got one which allows to trade more easily. Furthermore the game is updated very often. Bugs also has been fixed very fast.

If you also want to try it out and join a clan, see for the “Karrotenmann” clan. I heard they are looking for new players.

By the way, the admin is a nice guy and helps in every situation ingame and discord!

Ask me any further questions, I will discuss them with my kids and answer there after.


Hey thanks so much for playing and writing this very kind review!

It made my day :)

For anyone else interested in learning more, you can join our discord here:

Or you can connect directly to the server: MC version 1.16.5 Server IP:

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Thank you for creating such an awesome world, keep it going!

And may be you can give some insights of how the prize pool was filled initially and how is it filled now and how long you think it will be possible to keep filled for the ingame asic mining.

I belive this info can help new players to decide if it is worth for them to "invest" time into the game.

Sure, the prize pool is comprised of both the sponsorship funds that The Bitcoin Company so graciously contributed, as well as a revenue share from sats spent on the server.

So whenever someone buys land in the game for example, half of the sats spent instantly get added to the prize pool and are then rewarded to hashing players/clans.

I plan to support this game for as long as players want to play it. If they continue to stay as engaged as they are now, we should have no trouble getting continued sponsorship to support the prize pool.

Interesting. Will have to try this out

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If you also want to try it out and join a clan, see for the “Karrotenmann” clan. I heard they are looking for new players.

Not sure if you know, but this means your kids are part of the second best clan (competing with the first one now even): (again, shameless self promotion by me since I made this website haha)

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for sure I know, they are telling me it each day at least trice

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It may be in 3rd place, but who wouldn't want to be in TheSatSniffers? I mean, with an awesome name like that, there is no alternative!

We need more like this, good work

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How much have u made?

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So first of all, I did not play the game but am involved via discussions with my kids.

Second, my kids do not play the game because of the withdrawal possibility, but because they have fun to play there with their friends from school or new friends they made.

Third, how much they made: Since my youngest son already plays on another Minecraft server with his friends, he tried Satlantis for 2 weeks, but has quitted and sold everything to his brother for something near 40$ (traded in game for satoshis) only to buy other stuff on his main server via paypal.

His brother, my older son, is still playing on the satlantis server, has invited some of his school friends in to his clan and the clan is now the second best by hashrate on the server. He and his friend have cashed out together only 50$ each, just to be safe if something happens with the server they have something to get stuff on another server. (Backup plan).

My daugther skipped the first weeks but got later into it and joined the clan to play with them.

All in all if you are someone who wants to maximize the cash out, you have to grind as in every game and trade with other players and provide them the things they are looking for. There is an in game auction house and a discord trading channel. And if you can invest into in game asics and have enough time to get emeralds to feed the asics you get sats during you sleep.

I can only estimate that one can make around 100$ a week but could be more or less depending on the investment into asics and time for grinding/trading.

if my older son would like to quit, he would need to sell all of the stuff he "owns" on the satlantis server. If he would manage to sell all his stuff for the normal price without dump it all at once, I think the items are worth some thing about 400-500 $ right now.

All transactions for withdrawal were supervised by me, so I gave the fiat money to the kids after the sats were sent and received on my lightning wallet.

I've made a website where you can see this. It does not contain all data though since the mc plugin that is required for the data was only installed two weeks ago:

Where do the earned sats come from?

I answered in more detail above but the tldr is

  1. Sponsorship/ad revenue
  2. Revenue share from money spent in game

I do not want to spoil the answer, beacuse I asked the admin in the top comment to give a more precise answer than I could give. So please be patient he will surely answer as soon as possible.

Is it fun? Do you enjoy it?

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As I mentioned, I for my self am not playing the game, but am involved in discussions with my kids and the community on the discord server. Since my kids do not play it for the Sats, I am pretty sure they have to have fun, otherwise they would not play it. There are billion games out there. So if some one is into minecraft, he could have fun at Satlantis and if he is into bitcoin the fun multiplies. And if he brings his friends with him, it multiplies again with each friend.

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Is there any preview of the world? Or someone streaming it or youtube?

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I made a short youtube video showcasing satlantis:

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yes, go to and click the "view the world" icon. Then you can zoom with the mouse scroll in and out. I dont know if it also works with mobile.

if you want to see something from inside the game, my older son twitched on his stream multiple times: