▫️ Bitcoin Blocks + Badges ▫️

We're excited to announce not only the newest THNDR game, but also some fun gaming features we've been experimenting with on Nostr!

Download here: https://www.thndr.games/bitcoin-games/bitcoin-blocks

Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin Blocks is the perfect puzzle, mixing two all-time classics -Tetris and Sudoku! 🧩

Test your puzzle solving skills by positioning available blocks on the free spaces on the board. The goal is to fill columns, rows, and 3x3 squares to clear the board. Keep clearing the board as much as possible before there is no space left!

Bitcoin Blocks is simple to learn, but the unique scoring system makes it challenging to master.

It’s the perfect environment to test individual puzzle-solving skills while competing against others in THNDR’s fast-paced levelling system, THNDR Leagues.

The Gaming Graph: Badging and Beyond

The team at THNDR has been incredibly excited about Nostr and the community building on it. To contribute, Team THNDR is quietly experimenting with gaming applications for Nostr, which we've loosely referred to as the Gaming Graph.

We're excited to ship the first feature in our games today - THNDR Badges! Using Cameri’s NIP-58, we've built the beginning of a badging and reputation system that assigns badges that are transferable to other environments and clients. As players advance through THNDR Leagues and achieve gaming milestones, badges will be issued to their Nostr pubkey and tied to their identity (and are easily viewable on badges.page (s/o to Karnage and Verbiricha for creating this beautiful viewer), allowing users to build a virtual reputation.

THNDR Badges are just the beginning of a persistent gaming identity that is transferable to other ecosystems and communities. Reputations established and built in THNDR will be tied to their Nostr identity and may have merit or value in other communities. In the coming weeks, users will also be able to ‘zap’ (or send small amounts of bitcoin) the THNDR Nostr account where all proceeds will be automatically added to the hourly prize pools in the games for players to win.

To set up badges, check out our guide here: https://www.thndr.games/post/nostr-setup

PS: follow us on Nostr: npub1hm63f02cer8w5jltne4cf2xeswf477lzday7zn0kszv0rwnyz4hqcmzr0p

What’s next?

The launch of Bitcoin Blocks marks an important milestone in the development of THNDR’s mobile gaming platform. This release truly showcases THNDR’s social competitive layer and features.

Everything we build at THNDR is for our community. We believe the best products solve problems or satisfy unmet needs. We hope Bitcoin Blocks and THNDR Badges not only bring the heat, but offer new ways for our users to experiment with the idea of a persistant, and meaningful, transferable identity and reputation.

So, what now? Test it, break it, love it, hate it — and give us your uncensored, honest feedback (join our Discord here).

Over n’ out🫡




I am so pumped for the badges!

I am addicted to the game already! I love it. Got my mom to try the game and she's hooked on it too. Best thing ever!

The games are a great way to orange pill family.

We will be able to authenticate with Nostr instead of Twitter in the future right?

If possible, this is certainly something we would consider adding.

0 sats \ 0 replies \ @koty 9 Mar


Good start, needs nostr authentication

Yeah, nostr or LN Auth would be awesome to add in

71 sats \ 1 replies \ @ekzyis 9 Mar

Wow, pretty fun, just played some games.

App also feels really smooth, good job

0 sats \ 0 replies \ @koty 9 Mar

Thank you so much!!! See you in the BLOCKBUSTERS event we are running until Sunday.

This is the link to join: https://events.thndr.gg/blockbusters001

Really cool use case of nostr badges, love to see it!

21 sats \ 0 replies \ @koty 9 Mar

And we are aiming for more!

This is just the start, we hope you think up more things we can do not only for the badges, but for nostr too

Sorry, this was supposed to say 'we hope to think up more things...', but if you also come up with any more cool websites like https://badges.page we'll be all over it ❤️

Nice... I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

0 sats \ 0 replies \ @koty 9 Mar

Thank you for your words!

We hope you love it. Let us at THNDR know what you think, you can always find us on discord http://discord.gg/chAwSQFU9Z

Played a few rounds and got my first tickets. It's really not bad and I will def more. (I have long night shifts as a security guard)

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Then participate in the event we are running until Sunday!

Link: https://events.thndr.gg/blockbusters001

Check back soon, every hour we have a prize draw, I'm sure you'll win some sats, keep stacking! ⚡

people interested in play2earn should try zebedee (https://zebedee.io/) too!

(join our Discord here)

Link is not present, just FYI

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21 sats \ 1 replies \ @fred 9 Mar

Thndr is leading in Lightning Network enabled games so I'm eager for this as I'm already playing Bitcoin Bay.

Awesome, myself and the whole THNDR team hope you will love this game just as much!!

Woot woot!

New game is great. THNDR design is top notch. Would still like to see a bit of bitcoin educational content added into the games. It's an awesome opportunity to orange pill new people through gaming. Maybe a mini game added surrounding bitcoin education that folks can win an extra 100 tickets for the draw or something. Maybe it's available a couple times a day.

Also you need to do something to incentivize league play, which will likely get you more VIP subs as VIP is cheap and if there are prizes (sats or extra draw tickets) for people to compete for they likely buy the sub to ensure they don't miss attempts. I miss attempts all the time and then I get booted down to the lower league and get disinterested.

Tournaments are great, but in game access to tournaments would generate more usage. Not everyone is following THNDR or Koty or Des on twitter.

I wouldn't spend too much time on Nostr badges, low ROI, that's a fad.

Keep up the good work.

congrats on the team for launching another game, I love all of them

Can I withdraw via LN? I only see the option to withdraw into Coinbase.

Yes you can but you need the LN wallet on the same device afaik.

I have WoS on my phone, how do I withdraw into it? No such option shows for me, only Coinbase.