“Testing over time: A lightning channel isn't just a one-shot thing, it's a long-term, stateful, romantic relationship between two nodes. Plenty can go wrong, and by creating long-lived lightning channels between Mutiny Wallet and other nodes on Mutinynet we can make sure it's battle-hardened.”

I agree with the romantic relationship. I recently had to wind down my pi node because it was so unstable. After going solid for about 3.5 years I had to call it quits. It hurt

Time heals all wounds, you'll find another node out there.

Currently running a CLN node and it’s not going so well. Thinking LND was more my type we got along so well.

Very high maintenance and difficult to communicate with

Correct. Tor makes it almost unusable. For example I have a channel open to WOS and I can’t make a single payment out of it using CLN. But with LND I make payments no problem.

Care to elaborate?

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Cool artwork btw. AI generated?

According to Midjourney's "reverse image search" feature (use /describe and then upload a photo to have it generate prompts of what might have been used to create this image) say:

1️⃣ a beautiful digital painting of a ship at night, in the style of light bronze and magenta, piratepunk, flat perspective, vibrant color gradients, cartelcore, i can't believe how beautiful this is, iconic --ar 256:175

2️⃣ a silhouette ship at night in the background, in the style of vibrant neo-traditional, photobashing, ismail inceoglu, dark pink and light indigo, piratepunk, matte drawing, mike campau --ar 256:175

3️⃣ night in the city, olympus v x lions, ship, ship in the sea, ship battle, ship animation, in the style of dark cyan and pink, vibrant use of light and shadow, unique character design, piratepunk, realistic color palette, depth of field, american tonalist --ar 256:175

4️⃣ a ship, docked by the ocean, is in the foreground, in the style of neon color palette, mysterious realism, piratepunk, dark magenta and light cyan, ismail inceoglu, historical illustrations, nikon d850 --ar 256:175

When just for fun, I ran the first prompt back into the bot to see what it came up with, the results were actually quite rad:


these are great!

I was going for cyberpunk and technology interacting with a pirate ship. but midjourney didn't really like integrating those ideas... it was usually either a technology thing in a technology place, or an old boat in a rustic setting.

the prompt was:

1old pirate ship under construction in neotokyo :: daytime, synthwave, neon, blue, directed by Denis Villeneuve --ar 3:2

here are some other ones I liked:

11600s pirate yacht with sails being built by robot construction workers in neotokyo dock :: daytime, synthwave, 4k, neon, deep blue, directed by Denis Villeneuve --ar 3:2 --s 1000 --v 5


1drone shot of a 1600s pirate yacht with sails under construction in neotokyo dry dock :: synthwave, 4k, neon, deep blue --ar 3:2 --s 1000 --v 5


1drone shot of a 1600s pirate ship under construction in the center of a surreal cyberpunk landscape :: synthwave, 4k, neon, deep blue --ar 3:2 --s 750 --v 5


Yeah I have managed to find some really awesome prompts to use by reverse engineering the whole /describe feature that midjourney has. I love some of the random stuff that's in there, like the "I can't believe how beautiful this is" is something that I've seen in a bunch of things -- enough to the point where people have started using it in their generative prompts now, haha.

I've had a lot of good luck also finding images that are close in style to what I'm trying to accomplish with my prompt on a site like pinterest and try to collect a few different examples of the same style/aesthetic. Then I'll work with the describe feature of that and generate some variations, til I can hone in on what I'm trying to ultimately achieve. It's pretty cool to be able to also see a bit behind the "thinking process", for lack of a better term, of what midjourney is doing to create these images. If you're in their discord, check out their channel called describe showcase I think is the name, or something to that extent -- it's got some interesting examples of people reverse engineering the whole prompting process.

That's pretty cool, I didn't know they had that. Looks similar to some earlier ones we generated last year

Yeah I think midjourney

Love it - tipping eCash for this one

Mutiny is launching its own shitcoin! It's cooler and faster than bitcoin, it just has no value.

Here at the Mutiny HQ we are building lot of tools for ourselves so we can move fast and validate our work. One of the first challenges we faced was the complexity of setting up a local test environment for the Bitcoin network. Normally this is easy, but Mutiny is building on a lot of technology and features that aren't available in traditional tools like Polar. To overcome this, we have created our own custom signet: we call it Mutinynet.