Yet another Bitcoin wallet I developed 🙃 Introducing my latest project - the Gameboy Bitcoin Wallet! As some of my friends may remember, I've talked about revolutionizing Bitcoin wallets with a Gameboy-style interface in the past. Well, I finally had the time to make it happen!

Gameboy Bitcoin Wallet Gif

After developing two other Bitcoin wallets - the Savior Bitcoin Wallet and the Bitchat wallet - I'm excited to implement something truly fun and unique. With some free time on my hands, I've been working full-time to bring my wild ideas to life.

As someone without a traditional job at the moment, I'm putting all of my time into developing new and exciting projects like the Gameboy Bitcoin Wallet. While there's still more work to be done - such as adding send functionality, wallet recovery, transaction history, and more...

The source code is currently closed, but I plan to share it soon. If you're interested in supporting my work, please don't hesitate to reach out.



Very cool. All you have to do now it put it on an actual Gameboy.

Wait... wait wait wait...

What if you made a Gameboy into a hardware wallet? :o

443 sats \ 5 replies \ @anipyOP 3 May

Yes!, that's what I'm actually thinking in my head right now - let's do this hardware stuff!

93 sats \ 3 replies \ @brxyz 3 May

It'd be cooler if we could fit the hardware into a Gameboy cartridge instead. Not a lot of real estate...but would definitely be cooler.

155 sats \ 2 replies \ @anipyOP 3 May

Yep, that sounds good, fitting hardware into a Gameboy cartridge would definitely be a cool and unique challenge. It might be difficult due to the limited space available, but it's always fun to explore creative solutions. I'm thinking of something like a separate cartridge for a Bitcoin wallet or even one for something like a Nostr-connect signer - that could be a great way to keep things organized and easily accessible.

I believe it's possible to install the Blockstream Jade firmware on bespoke parts. Would be very cool.

deleted by author

or get a raspi and solder up the buttons, kind of like a seedsigner. Damn, that would be gold for travelling. I would definitely pay for that, I have plenty of old consoles that can be dismantled.

183 sats \ 0 replies \ @kepford 3 May

That's what I thought this was at first. Great way to disguise a bitcoin wallet. Personally I'd love to see more discreet hardware wallets.

Nintendo will sue. Do not do this.

more like cease & desist, although if the project is small they might not even notice.

Maybe do change to "Coin Boy Advance SP"

When does the Gameboy Advance's patents expire though? I know the original NES has a million (legal!) clones now.

Nintendo is hyper-litigious. Best not to poke the bear in the eye.

Thank you for your concerns, friends. I appreciate your feedback and understand your point. For now, this project is just for demonstration purposes, and the Gameboy skin I used was downloaded from However, I will definitely consider changing the name to avoid any potential legal issues. Thank you for your comments!

Hardware wallet into a game boy cartridge that has wifi on it! I have been thinking about it for a while :)

180 sats \ 1 replies \ @brxyz 3 May

Got me hot and bothered thinking you had made a Gameboy hardware wallet.

Ahh man, I think it's time to make it happen - the hardware stuff!

422 sats \ 0 replies \ @mrtali 3 May

Haha great creative mind! A clear example of how to fuse old and new times. Handshake!

Very cool.


1700 sats \ 1 replies \ @k00b 3 May

Nice job!

If you are looking for work, link to your resume in your bio or something. People who are hiring might see these posts.

415 sats \ 0 replies \ @anipyOP 4 May

Thanks for your comment and suggestion! I appreciate your feedback. I have updated my bio and included a link to my resume. If you know of any job opportunities or if you come across any, please reach out.

30 sats \ 0 replies \ @frankj 4 May

Is great, congratulations. I will definitely try it when it is possible.

Very cool