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Hopefully this comment doesn't age well:

Seems like they're massively over promising on the product, especially with no live product to show for it so far. Series A for a company without a product and with 0 revenue is very odd.

I'm also weary since Fedi keeps getting mentioned as some magical privacy and scaling solution for Bitcoin.

Should have released something smaller and more targeted to start.

I agree I hope Fedi works and can be used as a scaling solution. But it’s odd to me how the community is so hype about this but clown on liquid

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Agree. Are they trying to compete with Android? Hopefully it works out but consider me skeptical

Should have released something smaller and more targeted to start

Absolutely. This reminds me of Nostr vs Holepunch. Even though they are different things, the Nostr protocol was released early with improvement possibilities, that invited tons of users & developers and grew like wildfire. Whereas Holepunch (and Fedimint in this case) are too protected by a company/organization and they don't seem to get as much grassroot traction

Thank you all for the comments, insights and support 😊 A truly federated OS is where we are headed. The Alpha version we are rolling out for developers in a few weeks can already federate some of the core privacy and security functions of your smartphone's OS, replacing centralised control with decentralised, community control. That includes custody and use of your money, data, and messaging.

In the future we intend for Fedi to include a much broader range of functions that your phone's OS currently handles.

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I love The Federated Computer narrative. It’s downright romantic.

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I didn't realize the scope of the project has expanded to a whole operating system. I thought it was going to be something like a fedimint server and a client for desktop and mobile.

I hope that they're successful. Looking forward to viewing the alpha later this month.

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They are. This is operating system promise which made them extra zeroes. On the other hand they pretty much lost competitive edge to Cashu.

I love how Cashu just came out of nowhere and left 'em in the dust.

I am not sure that Cashu is ideal but it showed that eCash project might be delivered fast and people could start working with it very early.

Nothing is perfect. Cashu can make custodial lightning wallets extremely private. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Cashu is cool. What's lacking imho at the moment is a reputable, reliable, ie. professional (set of) mint(s). The whole point of e-Cash is custody; so own it.

It makes no sense if everybody and their dog runs their own mint. You as a user have to spread trust of across multiple, often unknown and amateurish entities.

It would be perfect If the bigger custodial LN wallet providers (Wallet of Satoshi for instance) were to switch to a cashu model

That's exactly what I mean. It's still experimental now, but it might at some point become an important differentiator between custodial providers (I hope).

Well hopefully they release a full suite of stuff that they spoke about not just the standard federated mint, but stability pool and the mining pool option along with some partners to kick it off

Will really be a dud all they push out is some code for others to use esp when the cashu project has been doing it live for a whiel now for everyone to use

here's the same link but seemingly direct from fedi


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Fedi Inc., a US-based developer of community-empowering financial and data technology, has raised $17m in a series A round of financing, led by Ego Death Capital and with participation from TBD, part of Block, Kingsway, Trammell Venture Partners, and Timechain. The funds will be used to pre-launch an alpha version for builders later in the month. Fedi aims to empower individuals to collaborate through "federations" made up of friends, families, neighbours, non-profit organisations, social clubs, businesses, conferences and other forms of communities, thus taking control of their money, data and digital lives while protecting user privacy and autonomy. It provides a resilient privacy protecting and simple way for people to secure and use their data and money. Moreover, the platform builds on the open-source Fedimint protocol, making it easy for developers to build additional apps and modules to complement Fedi's offerings.