Nothing like a good kick in the ass to move along LN adoption, amirite or what?

If the L1 fees are annoying you, use a wallet that lets you customize them. Probably not going to get it down to 10 sat/vB any time soon, but you don't have to spend 500+ sat/vB either (unless you need the money in 10 minutes I guess).

p.s. I saw that Binance and Coinbase also announced LN plans but no one cares about them.

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If shitty ordinals are involuntarily a driving force for this kind of adoption, well, then at least they serve a purpose 😅

🔔 🔔 🔔

Now... this is what I call good news. (Ignoring the shitty on-chain fees right now)

we can see on-chain fees news are orchestrated

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Yeah, this is good news.

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This is good for Bitcoin :)

Everything is good for Bitcoin ;-)

Bisq with LN haaaaa finally. for 2.0 ?

I'm not familiar with hodl hodl so I will not comment.

But for Bisq, as I recall, Bisq decided to drop Lightning from their roadmap in Dec 2022, at least for Bisq2, because, as they put it,

We don't have enough resources to work on it. It doesn't make any sense to promise more than we can realistically deliver.

My question is how do they plan on implementing / integrating Lightning into their platform / app? Will they be acting as a trusted escrow for all Lightning trades like what Robosats is currently doing? But Robosats is a corporation while Bisq is a DAO; who does the escrow for Bisq? The mediators / arbitrators? What is the risk of rug pulls by trusted third parties in this case? Better yet, can Bisq implement P2P trading via Lightning without the need for trusted third parties?

This is exactly how bitcoin scales.

Nice, looks like we're getting something good out of all this ordinal drama, this should have been done ages ago, but looks like Binance kicking it off snapped everyone into gear

It's about time!

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I don't think we shouldn't care about Binance and Coinbase, normie exchanges implementing lightning is a great sign that its finally growing as it deserves.

That said, this is great news :)

A bit late, but good to hear