Amazing how easy it was to get setup. If you have a product or skill to sell it's worth trying If anyone wants a personal website created here is a shameless shill to the webstore I created,%22wss://,%22wss:// I'm very excited about the opportunities Bitcoin, Nostr, and open source development are going to bring to those with a desire to learn and provide value.


Is there a way to browse webstores?

Inspired by your idea, I want to try something like this for myself, but I'm thinking of doing something more like "selling my hours" like a freelance board so I could add the development work item as an hourly rate, then you can add to cart your budget like a 30 hours project and that would be 30 hourly rates, here's what I got so far[""%2C""%2C""]

Hell yea. I'm building an app called Habit-Chain and might purchase an hour of your time to help me figure out how to set up a lightning escrow on my app. I'd like people to be able to select a charity and if they complete the habit then they get their sats back but if they don't then those sats get donated to the charity. The whole project is open source and I've got more work to do but I think a feature like that could be cool and for 15 bucks I would value working with another dev for an hour to complete this. Here is the github for the project

Thank you so much! I'd love that, I see this as it would also help me directing my skills where it's most valuable since I really enjoy coding and what I do and sometimes I can get lost with so many projects out there, and having to look for freelance/contract work in my free time I might not even enjoy that much in order to pay bills, so having this set up and having anyone in the community "buy my time" for some work together would be a lot of fun, and I'd be glad to help you as well, though I haven't also worked with LN escrows but 2 minds could find solutions quicker for sure

Cool! Did you get any customers?

Not yet. Thinking it could be helpful to create a youtube video showing how to do this and then if someone doesn't want to deal with the technical stuff having a link to purchase via this magic web store

Very simple but could prove to be very powerful for the developing world who don't know how to make a web store.

Wow this is incredible. Good work.