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nice to see bitcoiners experimenting with new approaches to employment

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they should contact Wally from Bitcoin Podcast El Salvador and bring the jobs directly to Bitcoin Country. Its the real thing that makes sense,

Value for Value, Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners in Bitcoin Country.

KYC required to be paid that Bitcoin?

Is it? I didn't see that in the post. I guess it largely depends on where Start9 is based. If in the US then I expect it would be required.

Is there any way a bitcoin newbie can learn from it?

I've been sharing this post with younger folk that are interested in bitcoin but not experts or even beginners. I expect there will be stiff competition for these positions but it is worth a shot IMO.

While discussing bitcoin with a friend (@shurikencutter), I mentioned that with bitcoin, anyone can be your support: It's open source, if there is a problem, it's a lot easier to find out how to solve it yourself or get help instead of calling your bank and hoping they will fix your problem soon.

Start9 seems to had the same thought with this. I like!