Work is a necessary inconvenience. In contemporary society, however, people are working harder than ever before, prioritizing their careers over aspects of life that were traditionally valued. These include family, the pursuit of knowledge, artistic creation, and other enriching activities. The emphasis on career advancement has become so pervasive that it has overshadowed other fulfilling pursuits, leading to an obsession with societal approval as measured by financial success.
Under this perspective, true wealth implies the freedom not to work, a metric by which many are impoverished in our current economy. This notion of poverty is particularly evident in countries like China, Japan, and Korea, where the work ethic is exceptionally intense. In these cultures, not working has become stigmatized to the point that it is viewed as a failure. This shift in societal values has been especially pronounced for women, many of whom now prioritize their careers over starting a family or cultivating a nurturing home environment.
Such a shift in priorities since 1971 is declared by the people in power as a sign of progress or empowerment. From a strictly economic perspective, this paints a rather bleak picture, suggesting that we are more enslaved to our work than we might wish to acknowledge. The zeal with which we throw ourselves into our careers is often celebrated as a positive attribute, a reflection of personal ambition and dedication. But this view raises the question: What are we truly working toward?
It becomes a troubling issue when we realize that much of the work done today is not aimed at creating tangible value. Rather, it is often influenced by political considerations and rent-seeking behavior, where individuals or entities seek to increase their share of existing wealth without creating new wealth. This focus on extracting value rather than creating it leads to a hollow sense of achievement and a society that prioritizes the superficial markers of success over genuine fulfillment. At least the slaves of the past knew their predicament. The propaganda today is especially deceitful because most people can't even identify what's so unsatisfactory about their work and why they burn out.
In the end, this obsession with work and the pursuit of financial success is a presenting symptom of fiat money. We work harder than ever because it lets the rent-seekers continue in their rent-seeking. We work hard because our savings are continuously drained.
The current emphasis on work, driven by propaganda, calls for reflection on what we value. Yet that reflection is nearly impossible without some resources, and sadly, we don't have the savings to be able to reflect on what we really want. So we trudge on, running on the fiat treadmill.
Yeah I was definitely knee-deep in that psyop, working my ass off, working late, working on weekends, hoping the powers that be would bump me up the ladder and I'd get to a point where I could relax, delegate, rest as I perceived the upper echelon were doing, but it never came.
I have so many friends and family that are either still trying to push and working harder than ever, then the other side people who have just given up, and just go through the motions, miserable and complaining.
They'll go on holidays and as soon as they come back, they're complaining but refuse to take a long hard look at whats causing them to feel this way
Modern work + Debt + Consumerism = Serfdom
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Reading between the lines, a kind of misalignment between your values and the outcomes you're getting from your environment. Hard fight!
You definitely still behaving and surrounding yourself by “orange businesses” (if not red) and fully understand your concerns. There's a way out of all that sh*t, and you can opt out any time. Like anything else in life, you will struggle, you'll suffer... but the effort will be worth the freedom you'll get in return.
Things change, mate, look forward. There are already a lot of people and communities that already "work" in what we define today as orizontal-organization, or teal-organization. I highly suggest you to reed about Reinventing Organizations.
Don't be a victim... surround yourself with people that has your same values. If you don't find them, make sure they find you!
It's a damn shame, what the world's coming to. For people like me and people like you. Wish I could just wake up and it not be true, but it is.
Before I met Bitcoin, I hated work so much I built a life where I didn't have to work and retired early. Then I met Bitcoin and got back to work, because now I know what I work for.
I figured out my priorities a while back and built a life where I need to work, but not too much. I dedicate the extra time to things I care about.
You work a job you can't afford to lose, earning in a currency being debased, to pay for things you don't own.
Cost of living is going up while quality of life is going down.
Truly absurd.
We are living on a global plantation. As slaves while at the top chain there are the fiat masters. Living in absolute blizz. The central bankers and their close friends close to the fiat printer.
They can print any fiat they want and grab any asset we try to aquire. Any but one.
Whether you are in a classy highrise building working on a trading floor, doing any great stuff with your law degree you are just a slave in the fiat threadmill.
You can’t leave the global fiat plantation. Why?
In most Western societies you have to work 8% harder each year to be able to buy the same amount of goods and services. In the developing world it could be 50-100% harder.
Due to the monetary inflation. In some countries with hyper inflation it doesn’t make sense to work at all as the value of the fiat money you earn by working gets devaluated so fast.
Isn’t it crazy you have to work 8-100% harder each year, year after year to be able to buy the same?
Freedom is the true wealth. Being able to spend your precious 16 hours awake on whatever you want.
For that in the current world you need to have any asset that brings you in enough fiat money so you can pay for your food, your rent, your mortgage and the lifestyle you care about.
That asset might be bitcoin. As it hopefully keeps appreciating more than 8% a year on average.
So I say stack enough sats. As others work their butts off in the fiat treadmill.
Find a way to convert part of that appreciation back into fiat to be able to pay for your 16 hours of freedom each year.
Great read - thank you