Here are visualizations of LN data. We have basic info on nodes and announced channels plotted here.
Sample info/insights that you can get out of it.
1: The top 1% of nodes manage 70% of LN capacity. Okay, or not, depending on how you interpret it. But, if you think it is unhealthy for LN, you'll be happy to know that the top 1% manage only 25% of channels. (pls look at Lorenz curve of Lightning network)
2: ~70% of the channel is smaller than 5M sats, and ~20% is smaller than 500K sats. Pls have a look at 'Distribution of channels by capacity buckets)
3: On average, the bigger the channel size, the higher the fee. (Distribution of channels by fee buckets. Pls hover over the bar chart to read it)
On top of that, pls have a look at the 'node visualization.' On one page, you can see basic info for all the nodes.
What tool are you using to make these visualizations?
Is there repo on GitHub?
Holoviews, Python. I should be able to share it in GitHub in a couple of weeks once I make the code base more organized, and figure out voila/binder.
Looking forward to it!
Lmk I'll see if there's some way I can contribute.
Nice visualizations to look at data, thanks.