1228 stacked

And the US desperately wants everyone to depend on their shitty dollar which they can seize at any time

Government parasites really bare privacy and tor

I would *HAVE got

Do you even english

NATIONAL Socialism is the only socialism that isn't a cover for subversive jews to loot and rape nations like they did to France, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian empire

Lol stop falling for this" he may be controlled opposition hurr durr" Bullshit

They use it to smear leaders and confuse and divide you so you never really rally behind anyone

They all wanna "hold your bitcoin" just like they wanted to "Hold your gold" before confiscation

Lol "peaceful"

Tell me you don't know Jack shit about power and ruling without telling me you know Jack shit

Violence is power and those willing to do it gin power

Same schmekelsteins that did this shit in Weimar are doing it to all Europe now

Seems like the "bad guys" were right

Really goes to show that we are not equal and the VAST Majority of people are sheep 🐑

These are the same peeps who will comply with KYC and aml right until the moment they get a bullet in the head

Meet the new guy

Same as the old guy

Interesting that the death counts didn't go up year by year

They just replaced natural causes by covid

And a lot of retards died by injecting themselves with the jew vaccine

Won't even tell you to go fuck yourself cuz you doin a fine job of it already you inferior genetic-having NPC lmao

At least grass ain't carcinogenic.. Yet lmao

BecaUse your illegal africoon and Muslim idiots don't pay taxes but use free healthcare and virtue signaling cucks pay for the pleasure of being displaced