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What was the reason Apple reconsidered the decision?
Discussion Topics: 00:01:29 Guest introductions 00:01:55 How far have things come with nostr? 00:06:46 Ability to remove yourself from a client (Damus) 00:09:08 Notes and highlighting on nostr 00:15:39 Displaying notes 00:21:52 Short notes and long notes 00:26:28 DMs on nostr 00:34:20 NIP-05 verifications 00:36:53 Consensus on nostr and breaking changes 00:45:31 Onlyzaps and NIP-47 00:52:33 NIP-15 nostr marketplace 01:00:47 Search, indexing and discoverability 01:12:50 Nostr safe spaces 01:14:16 File headers 01:23:55 Calendars on nostr 01:28:41 Key delegation/revocation 01:38:16 RSS feeds (nostr RSS replacement?) 01:43:58 Notifications and subscriptions 01:47:34 Funding 01:55:34 Roundup and final thoughts
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New camera w/ Samsung Galaxy support New Payment Path view Handle display of In-Flight payments External link warning + prompt modal NFC modal for Android iOS: clear saved settings on uninstall Settings: Display: Show all decimal places Lightning Address: handle addresses hosted on Tor Fix some views where inputs were getting cut off by the keyboard LNURLw patch for fixed amounts New currencies 🇧🇴 Bolivian Boliviano (BOB) 🇨🇷 Costa Rican Colón (CRC) 🇬🇹 Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ) 🇳🇮 Nicaraguan Córdoba (NIO) 🇵🇾 Paraguayan Guaraní (PYG) 🇺🇾 Uruguayan Peso (UYU)
in my perspective it’s more to have an understanding about the current state of rEgUlaTioN as to be scarred. Fortunately Bitcoin is fuck you money. Nevertheless I would appreciate your 100 sats ✌🏻
Yes same here. Cudos to npub1th6p84x9u5p4lagglkvm8zepa2dq4s9eanp57vcj4w5652kafads7m930q Will forward the zaps
Yes, it's a shame, but we will win anyways ✌️. It's still a really cool action!
Keep up the good work. It’s important. Haters gonna hate
If you only have time to read one paragraph, here’s the short version:
With Lightning, we can take sats “off-chain” into a Lightning channel. Users can route Lightning payments through a network of channels, and take their sats back “on-chain” at any time. Of course, the sats never really leave the chain, but the system works through some cryptographic slight-of-hand. Lightning is fast, cheap, and secure. Privacy is better than normal Bitcoin transactions, but still not perfect. With eCash, users can withdraw their sats “offline” entirely. Once offline, they can be transferred any way you please. You could send them over email or SMS. You could print them out in a QR code and pass them along in person. The possibilities are endless. The recipient can deposit the sats back “online” as soon as they receive the eCash, and withdraw them directly into any Lightning wallet. There does not need to be any traceable connection between the two parties to a transaction, which means that privacy can be very robust. There is one catch, of course: after receipt of the eCash and before depositing them back “online” to the Lightning network, the recipient needs to trust a third party server, called a mint. For that reason, taking received eCash back online should be done before providing any goods or services in exchange.