531,224 sats stacked
stacking since: #9274longest cowboy streak: 136
Welp there goes my rewards. Y’all can catch me zapping!
I don’t understand how British hodl is a scammer all the guy says is get to one bitcoin! What is the scam in that?
But ETH?!! Goes to show they didn’t think about their business model
As a Kollider user it had great UI but the back end struggled. Plus they really lacked focus the added Eth/USDT pair at one time.
Stay strong 💪. The grind is never easy.
I don’t fear screwing up anything I fear getting robbed or burglarized
Well the privacy maxis say don’t KYC with an exchange to withdrawal your bitcoin because it destroys your privacy. Buy it peer to peer to protect your identity and privacy . Because these platforms scan your ID or passport and they keep it sitting on a database that could be hacked which will then link you to your BTC purchases and the addresses you sent the BTC to.
Yeah I did that too that worked out great. But I guess from your perspective KYC’ing to withdrawal isn’t a big deal?
No real reason in particular. I recently consolidated a ton of UTXOS and spent over 300k sats in doing it. I figured at 200k the amount of inputs shouldn’t be too large that would price me out of sending a transaction but if fees stay high for a long time then this could be very wrong
Damn when I visited Germany it was a great experience. Fantastic drivers! The public transportation was great. And the people were overall nice. Hate to see this economic doom come
It’s not to late! They can still turn this around