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Once this is up and running, it will likely be the first exposure to bitcoin for a lot of people. Especially for developing countries.

Our top 3 markets for initial focus will be Texas, the Philippines and Brazil.


In this episode, we interviewed Kenneth Kruger, Founder and CEO of Moon (aka Pay With Moon). Moon is a platform that lets you live on bitcoin. They help you create virtual Visa cards that you can fund with bitcoin and spend everywhere Visa cards are accepted online in the US.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Moon came about
  • How it was like running Moon alone
  • Moon’s user base
  • Which country will benefit the most from Moon’s services
  • How Moon cards are helping to provide solutions for developing countries
  • Competing with popular cards
  • Why Moon takes privacy seriously
  • How to set up your Moon card
  • The future of bitcoin and e-commerce
  • How Moon makes its money
  • How the lightning network ensures great customer experience
  • Ken’s first purchase with the Moon card
  • Memorable Moon card stories from customers
  • Ensuring financial inclusion

Follow Ken on Twitter: @krucraft

Check out Moon: https://paywithmoon.com](https://Twitter.com/)

Follow Moon: @paywithmoon

Farfetch Ltd (NYSE : FTCH), a digital platform for luxury fashion featuring brands like Balenciaga, Burberry, Gucci, and more, will begin accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.

The company will have a pilot program that will begin with luxury European stores in Paris, London, and Milan. All U.S., U.K., and European customers will be able to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments with Farfetch later this year.

The digital platform is partnering with Lunu, a Berlin-based crypto payment infrastructure provider to integrate the necessary systems for accepting Bitcoin. Lunu will also provide point-of-sale terminals for brick-and-mortar store payments so that customers may scan a QR code with their phones for Bitcoin payments.

Accepting Bitcoin payments is a growing trend in the luxury brand industry as a number of companies like Balenciaga, Gucci, Tag Heuer, SFLMaven, and Continental Diamond have already enabled Bitcoin as a payment option for customers.

That's not me! The title for this post was copied verbatim from the Tweet shown as "Source". But the Twitter profile shows the website, and that website has a Contact form.

That's not me! The title for this post was copied verbatim from the Tweet shown as "Source". But the Twitter profile shows the website, and that website has a Contact form:


The crypto payment option will be available for all games hosted at home by São Paulo, whether at Morumbi or another stadium.

The sponsorship agreement was part of Bitso’s strategy to raise awareness of the benefits of crypto and expand into the Brazilian market. With a customer base of over 3.7 million, Bitso is well established in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.

Technically, this would not be you paying Chipotle in bitcoin.

This would be (If i understand the process correctly, ... though I might be wrong), from your Flexa-enabled, KYC'd, custodial wallet app you then "pay" in bitcoin. Your custodial wallet app then converts your bitcoin to some shitcoin (AMP), then that shitcoin is sent to Flexa, who then pays Chipotle in fiat for your order.

That Chipotle would add Flex was not a surprise, after Chipotle ran a promotion on April Fool's day 2021, where they gave away $100K worth of bitcoin plus 10,000 burritos to those who played some game of chance on an app downloaded and KYC'd on a custodial wallet app from Gemini (partner of Flexa).

Now you can spend your bitcoin and other digital currencies from any Flexa-enabled app for burritos, bowls, and more at any Chipotle restaurant in the United States—making Chipotle the latest merchant to accept digital currency payments with Flexa.

To celebrate Chipotle’s newly launched support for digital currency payments, we’re giving everyone 10% off their next purchase at Chipotle when using any digital currency in a Flexa-enabled app.

Welcome, Chipotle! https://medium.com/flexa/welcome-chipotle-1e218fd56571

U.S. flagship stores located at Madison Avenue in New York and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will be the first stores to accept the new form of payment while the brand’s website will also begin introducing the option. The company reportedly stated that more stores and e-commerce functionalities will be introduced at a later date.

Earlier this month, Gucci announced that it would begin accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a pilot run of select locations. A few days after Gucci’s announcement, the Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer announced it would also begin accepting bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency as payment through its e-commerce platform.

I see. Strike now does have a Bitcoin wallet (account) as well as the USD wallet (account), but that doesn't interact with lightning. There is a Send button so I can pay bitcoin on-chain, but there is no Receive / Deposit for bitcoin, as far as I can see. You can buy (and sell) BTC from this wallet (account), so at least you can self-custody your coins.

But for LN payments, you are correct -- incoming sats (via LN) will be added to the USD balance, and outgoing sats (via LN) are subtracted from the USD balance.

For internal / account-to-account (i.e., send to another Strike user), the amount is in dollars only.

Good to see them using bitcoin, but curious what brought them to the practice of wanting to use the same wallet as the one the merchant uses. I can see not wanting to use Chivo if it is not a mature system, sure.

But according to Strike, they do not charge a fee when receiving or sending bitcoin. https://strike.me/faq/fees/

So if I had Bitcoin Beach wallet, or any LN-enabled wallet, I could pay the merchant that uses strike without having to worry about fees, and because it is LN , there should be no delays, and the fee trivially low.

"Trivially low" though is still an amount greater than zero, so maybe even that tiny fee is is still the reason they use the same app as the merchant, at least when the merchant has a custodial wallet (e.g., Strike, Chivo) where transfers are instant and completely free of fees.

The link for this post is for the U.S., but Bitrefill is in many countries! So the following link shows all "pizza" retailers that Bitrefill has, globally:

https://www.bitrefill.com/buy/worldwide/?q=pizza https://www.bitrefill.com/buy?q=pizza <-- Or let Bitrefill choose your country for you, based on your location

What are your thoughts about NFC cards?

Specifically, how would you respond to this comment, left in today's Daily discussion thread:

A passive NFC card with access to your sats is such a bad idea.


Are merchants asking for features added to the simple point-of-sale that Breez offers today? If so, what kind of features? And are there any that Breez is considering adding?

There is a (couple year old now) post on r/Bitcoin, which may yet still be of use:

Ready to cash out some $BTC? Spend your bitcoin instead! https://reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/cbqi1o https://Teddit.net/r/Bitcoin/comments/cbqi1o <-- This will be easier to read if you aren't logged into Reddit

We just started distributing to southern california, let me just check with our distributer for locations selling it. I'll let you know. Thanks


If they don't take it directly, there are a number of travel / booking sites that accept bitcoin for payment. Travala, Destinia, CheapAir, and more:

6 TRAVEL SITES THAT ACCEPT CRYPTOCURRENCY AS PAYMENT https://onedayitinerary.com/6-travel-sites-that-accept-cryptocurrency-as-payment/