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You can't ban Bitcoin; you can only ban yourself from Bitcoin.

I'm right there with you in spirit, haha, but he has "CEO" listed on his Twitter bio 🤷‍♂️.

And it's hard sometimes, because I feel like the SN reader base is a mix of shadowy super-coders and stuffy super-suits 😂

I'm right there with you in spirit, haha, but he has "CEO" listed on his Twitter bio 🤷‍♂️.

With my authority as the Honorable Chief Supreme President Commander of the Universe, I hereby decree that Stacker News requires a money transmitter license for my jurisdiction. Please send 200 BTC immediately in order to comply 😂😂😂

Dinosaur Says Incoming Asteroid Could Be “A Bit Probematic”

If there's going to be a "Sats" symbol, it should be a basic circle: All things to all people.

In a world of 21 million Bitcoin, Stacking Sats becomes Scoring Sats.

We're all still in the minor leagues 😂.

I think fungibility and transparency of money supply are two separate things. No reason you can't have both.

That said, thank you for making the point about fungibility being better off as a wallet-level concern by way of widespread CoinJoin implementation.

I hadn't considered this before (that is, the optimality of making it an "optional" feature keeping the base layer as pure, generic and effective as possible allowing things to be built on top of it.).

Not sold completely -- but you broke my previous conviction and have me thinking about it now 😄.

On-chain fungibility by default -- at least for now, though there are many ways this can be solved with protocol improvements 🙏

Also, Snowden with some additional insight: https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1444716805986082816

I'm told by the reporting team this is the biggest offshore-finance leak—and journalistic collaboration—ever.

They expose the intentionally concealed finances of 35 world leaders and 300+ other public officials in 90+ countries.

...and they aren't finished.

And this is where it's important to remember that this man is still a dictator and propaganda is still his main style of communication.

Recommend proceeding on El Salvador and its "stats" with cautious optimism 🙂.

You're being too hard on yourself, lol.

Quality information is everyone's personal responsibility, whether they realize it or not. Decentralization doesn't guarantee perfection -- there's no such thing -- but it does encourage individuals to sharpen their swords of information literacy instead of asking to be properly spoon fed. This is the only way to have a truly resilient society -- and the current situation regarding COVID, vaccines, and censorship should be a testament to that.

Can vouch for Darth's helpfulness in the Umbrel community ⚡️🙌

Matt Odell has the most salient take I've seen yet:

we are lucky the http://bitcoin.org hacker did an obvious giveaway scam rather than silently replace bitcoin core downloads with malicious versions.

a good reminder of why it is important to verify your software using PGP

I'm actually kind of amused to see this in Forbes of all places, haha.

Lopp's website has an amazing list of links and was an essential resource for me when first diving into Bitcoin an undisclosed number of years back: https://www.lopp.net/bitcoin-information.html

Relatedly, his Lightning Resources list is equally amazing: https://www.lopp.net/lightning-information.html

I think this site can be a beautiful example of how the market provides.

Call it Stacker News... infuse it with a design that's inspired by Bitcoin and Lightning... have it function by users connecting through lightning and spending sats to tip/boost/post/etc... and the content that rises to the top will speak for itself.

We'll see what happens -- but something tells me it won't involve spammers shilling shitcoins 😂.

History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes. Threads like these are good indicators that Bitcoin bull market insanity is imminent.

(Not to pick on the OP too much, though -- I think you just need to do more research and weigh the merits of these claims. Welcome to the show! 🙂).