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Please give some plot points. What actually happens in the book? Feel free to spoil it.
Thanks, that it's a very good point. We will probably add that.
The irony of this bounty is that the small element of fiat laziness represented by asking for a summary has been met with a tidal wave of extreme fiat laziness in the form of AI summaries that contain false information.
"Cover big plot points" implies that it's not false. Most of the summaries here contain complete fabrications. The ones that aren't false are devoid of any information.
Now. Nobody wins.
All submissions were AI trash.
I also put out a bounty for "When money dies" and I got a very good real summary with lots of great quotes.
So far it looks like nobody will take the Mandibles bounty, but after reading this comment I think I'm okay with that outcome:
I can skim them. It's very easy to detect the lazy chatGPT BS.
With the amount of time I've spent on this today, I don't think I could have read 15 pages.
Oh and the last part is actually just straight false. That's not how it ends.
For a recent work of fiction, I think this makes a lot of sense.
I tried reading the Mandibles, but her writing style is really not my cup of tea. Maybe I can enjoy it more if i listen to it.
I would love a summary of the diamond age
It would be interesting to do a comparative review/summary of multiple popular Bitcoin books. I think there is a lot of overlapping content.
I would pay for a summary of the fiat standard!
I also posted a bounty this morning for The Mandibles. (They say it's just a fictional When Money Dies, under the impossible scenario that the future US collapse does not impact other countries.)
I may think of a few more. I want to read "The Block size Wars", "This Machine Kills Secrets" and "Tracers in the Dark," but I don't think a summary will suit my needs... Although perhaps a summary would be handy even if I do read the whole thing.
I was thinking of soliciting summary requests and trying to turn it into a business, but I didn't go forward with that project. You could! Maybe if you made your own SN post with a list of books you would be willing to summarize, and then you could try to crowd fund it.
Look at @blocktock 's response. It proves that your lazy cynicism is bullshit.
Much better than @Mountaincrest 's.
I do know a lot about the book and I think major plot points were missed. But this is not bad, so i may throw some sats your way.
(For those who are hung up on the ChatGPT issue, yes I know all of these could have been done using ChatGPT. IDGAF.)