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If you want some laughs right now check out the shitcoin subreddits after the SEC filing

lightning.store just of the top of my head, with a toggle button

There's also @super_testnet's store that anyone can make https://stacker.news/items/167945 not sure if there's a place where people have listed their shops yet or if there's some way to view a bunch with nostr, still a nostr n00b.

Nothing beats a store with all prices in bitcoin/sats

Finally paid off two credit cards with the bonus from my fiat-mining, feels goods, more for ₿uying ₿itcoin ₿a₿y

I told my sister “you’re getting bitcoin for your birthday, I’ll hold it till you’re ready”

“The internet is a fad and will die off soon”

That does seem a little concerning and something I never thought about. Are there any examples of people faking data like that yet?

"There's a crypto asset called bitcoin.."

That AI generated photo is freakin me out

What is a single "proof of personhood" use case other than creating another human GPS system

Read a little more about Ark last night, seems very interesting, especially the interoperability with Lightning. Waiting patiently for a DarthCoin writeup

Bitcoin Bounce, my favorite of the current THNDR games, higher skill cap than the others I think.