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That was a travesty... I hope they refunded tickets. That wasn't worth paying for.
I haven't seen the game yet... But it doesn't look pretty from the stat box :/
That was a lot of fun. I quite liked the fact it was both an interview and a set. Got to know a bit about the band. That was good. They said they liked Omaha... I can't hear that word without thinking of Payton Manning 🤣
I do love a band that doesn't take themselves seriously, like steel panther or bowling for soup just entertainment however they can.
Haha, been a long old while since I've heard wheatus. That's a throwback to the 2000s. But early for Christmas though, Christmas doesn't start in my house until December 24th 🤣🤣
I'm not saying I'm going to contribute to your procrastination... But I'm not saying that I won't be contributing to your procrastination 😉 it is Monday after all.
Happy Monday 👊
How long before we begin refering to the SN snail as Swole-snail.
Always ;) doing this little segment corner of SN weekly has given me loads of great things to listen to and share with everyone here. We've had some great tracks since we started.
Impatient snail waiters are impatient 🤣
Also... Shameless plug, come take a listen and chat about music with us. What music gems do you have to contribute to today's collection?
Yep, this is why we do this, every Monday is an adventure. SN has a very diverse group with lots of different music tastes, I'm travelling the world through my earphones every Monday. It's great.
Never going to hate on jazz it's such a great genre, always loved the artists ability to just improv their way around and make it sound fantastic.
Don't get me wrong I am by no means a drill fan, but when I stumbled into that track I was like, sure I'll give it a whirl and thought the guy was just very talented but I'm not about to make that genre regular listening 😂😂.
Nice and easy sound for a Monday morning, gives me pop girl group vibes like hearsay or someone like that.
They are smashing that southern US accent. I hear kinda Miley Cyrus, it's that convincing.
Didn't think I'd be hearing Swedish folk today. But here we are and I'm here for it.