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Have some options here (part members): https://liquid.net/

And last Boltz Exchange.

We need focus in this! Better apps, code, feedback! :)

IMO, Tap will have capture regulatory around Lightning Nodes and companies use this software.

Great points. I have iOs and Android devices. Apple is following woke culture and destroying his reputation

@DarthCoin if happen with iOs app one day? We've some option?

Cool! The part pay attention me was the wallet-browser give option of custodial and self custodial. This is a good feature other wallets in the industry could follow :)

I agree with each point of this article. I haven't been to any conference yet if there's a shitshow, I prefer to go to meetups and other regional things. Bitcoin Miami for me no longer has the "air" of a Bitcoin-only conference, which is why I prefer not to go.

Thank you so much for mention @TonyGiorgio :)

*Wallet browsers

  • Bitcoin-only

  • Lightning support

  • Nostr

  • Coinjoin